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Common Bond and Lucky’s Puccias

Common Bond — I heard my sister talked about it over and over, and we intended to visit on Monday but they were not opened.


Tuesday it was!

An awesome pastry place with simple, modern and elegant décor; Common Bond served pastries and hot breakfasts, desserts and lunch from their store, along with excellent coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice.

The minute we walked into the store, the pleasant buttery sweet pastry smell surrounded us immediately.


All the items were neatly lined up.


My sister highly recommended the croissant, and they were ginormous!


With the 3 croissants, a scone and a macaroon, we were being served with an even larger platter.


If the above picture was not clear how big these croissants were, hopefully this side view would give better clue.

The croissants were mostly air; super fluffy and flaky.


We deliberately stayed until they switched over the morning pastries to desserts.


I got excellent chocolate tart and apple tart for DH.

As we were enjoying our coffee, my next seat mate, this older gentlemen asked what we had eaten that was on such a large platter — he thought we had a whole cake when indeed it was just 3 croissants!

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Forgot to mention that we had this excellent fire-bread sandwich in Austin from Lucky’s Puccias.

WP_20141101_12_31_02_Pro WP_20141101_12_21_53_Pro

The ingredient combination were traditional and fresh, the fire bread was most certainly the star.

It was crispy at the top and bottom, and amazingly soft and yeasty in the middle.

The sandwiches were piping hot, and I could just feel the moisture releasing from the cut bread.

One down to earth, and authentic delicious sandwich.

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