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Coconut Chia Seed Muffin and Dakshin

First time using coconut flour!

Since I knew nothing about it, the safest bet was to follow the recipe on the packaging.

I made coconut chia seed muffins with blueberries.

WP_20140827_17_30_01_ProNo recipe at this time because I did not feel the muffins were the best — experimentation still required.

The coconut muffins came out to have very interesting texture.

It was soft and airy but springy at the same time.

The coconut flour packaging had touted its high fiber content.

Coupled with chia seeds which also had high fiber content, the muffins were very fibrous, as if I was chewing celery.

If a muffin could be crunchy, I would have used that term!

I had adjusted the sweetness for personal preference so it was not too sweet.

Using the coconut flour was difficult.

The recipe called for sifting the flour first.

However, fibrous flour had high particle size which made it extremely difficult to sift.

I stood sifting until I ran out of patience, and had DH helped me sifted while I prepared other ingredients!


beige color coconut flour


resulting dough that was quite runny

The resulting dough was quite runny as well.

There was the note on the packaging warning that the flour soaked up a lot of liquid – would have to keep that in mind while experimenting.

There was lots of potential using coconut flour with its numerous health benefits.

I would need to spend more time to make this tastier!

Nestled in a small strip mall in downtown Kirkland, Dakshin operated as Indian fast food.


This well-lit store was inviting.


We arrived past noon and were excited that they offered different combos, dosas, etc.

Unfortunately at height of lunchtime, we learnt that they only had chicken curry and vegetable korma available even though they were supposed to have fish curry, egg curry and goat curry.

At the least, when we approached to order, we could wait another 10-15 mins to get goat curry.

We got a 2-entree combo with rice, goat curry and vegetable korma.

We also had a masala dosa.

Dosa came first.


It was very spicy with the chili paste and the potatoes filling was quite salty but tasty.

It had whole stalk of cilantro in it which was different the usual ones encountered.

The dosa itself was a little soggy.

Personally I still preferred Udupi’s.

The sambar that came with the dosa was deliciously spicy, rich and thick, savory and layered with brown spices.

The goat curry was tasty with strong cinnamon and cloves, but with very few goat meat pieces.


Vegetable korma seemed to be made with frozen mixed vegetables.

The rice was nice and fluffy and salty.

The roti that came with the combo was tasty, buttery and dense.

The nice part of it all was that Chai and coffee were complimentary; although when it ran out, we waited for a very long time for refill.

The Chai was made with very strong black tea resulting in muted spice flavor (mainly cardamom).

My friend’s mango lassi was quite sour and astringent with lovely mango flavor.

I was not one who criticized decor and furniture of a restaurant as long as food was good.

However, Dakshin’s usage of flimsy outdoor plastic tables and chairs indoor was really hindering my eating experience.

We constantly knocked the legs of the tables and feared that the hot Chai (which were in tiny disposal paper cups that required constant refill with someone who loved Chai) would spill.

There were 2 real tables, but the rest were flimsy sets.

The food was not great enough to endure lack of food offering at prime lunch, and the worry of spillage of hot chai.
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