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Eating Out in Houston

WP_20141102_10_30_06_ProWe started off the day debating whether we wanted the $5 Hong Kong style

breakfast with milk tea, soup macaroni, and eggs, sausage and toast, or Northern

Chinese breakfast with fried dough and hot soy milk.

Since I can get fantastic Hong Kong breakfast in Vancouver, we went for Northern


WP_20141102_10_44_20_ProClassic Kitchen has ok food; we had an assortment of

dishes to try.

Most memorable was definitely the house-

made noodle (we had cold noodle and hot beef

soup noodle).


Fantastic al dante chewy texture, the noodle was rustic and filling.

I loved the spicy sauce in the cold noodle too; but it was sad that the chicken in the dish was completely hard and rubbery.

The soup for the beef noodle was excellent as well.

Dumplings were certainly Northern style which were all meat.

Another interesting item was my sister’s “tofu fa”, the tofu dessert.

It had a strong burnt flavor that was quite objectionable to me, yet I was told that it was deliberate, and a particular style of tofu fa preparation.

The rest of the food: green onion pancake, sticky rice roll, spicy wonton and fried dough roll were average.

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After breakfast, we went on to the Menil museum for some awesome art-admiring and later, our afternoon tea at Siphon Coffee.

WP_20141102_14_14_09_ProWe were hoping to get some decaffeinated coffee but was told that they only used one kind of coffee if we wanted siphon coffee; so we shared the coffee 4 ways.

The process of the preparation was a lot of fun to watch.

WP_20141102_14_17_35_Pro WP_20141102_14_21_33_Pro WP_20141102_14_22_29_Pro WP_20141102_14_24_22_Pro

However, I found the coffee sour, bitter and cardboardy: signs of over-extraction, which could easily be done with this brewing method as the brewing water sat with the ground coffee for a bit of time.

Nonetheless it was a unique and fun experience, and interesting to see a coffee shop dedicated to this brewing method.

Siphon Coffee on Urbanspoon

The next morning, I was intrigued by something called “the Kentucky Hot Brown” at Blacksmith Coffee Bar.


Turned out it was a turkey sandwich on white bread with bacon, tomatoes and cheesy gravy.

My picture was not as pretty as I had the gravy on the side when the sandwich was supposed to be swimming in the gravy.

Sandwich was solid but not wow, and the biscuit was good as well.

My mocha was beautiful with barista’s foam art, but unfortunately ran into another pet-peeves of mine — it was cold (to me!), but perhaps on the cold side of lukewarm to others.


What a waste!

The chocolate and coffee flavor were lovely — too bad.

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