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Vancouver dessert vs.

It is a known fact that Vancouver B.C. is a foodie’s paradise; from its amazing Asian food to fresh seafood, even desserts cannot be overlooked.

The top choices has to be Thomas Haas and Thierry.

Thomas Haas has two locations in Metropolitan Vancouver, one in Kitsilano, and one in North Vancouver.

Thierry, on the other hand, has one shop right in downtown.


Thierry’s dessert selection

Thierry store is fairly large, with limited indoor seating, but plenty outdoor seating; reminiscent of sidewalk cafes in Europe.

Thomas Haas’ Kitsilano store is beautiful and spacious, with indoor and outdoor seating; on the contrary, the North Vancouver store is tiny, very packed with few seats in and outside the store.


Thomas Haas’ Kitsilano store


chocolate sculpture in Thomas Haas’ North Vancouver store

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Fisherman’s Terrace

Richmond, B.C. is a Chinese food paradise.

Many credited the waves of Hong Kong immigrants for making that happened.

In fact, many Hong Kong people believe that Chinese food in Richmond, B.C. is better than those in Hong Kong.

One of these fantastic restaurants is Fisherman’s Terrace.

For as long as I can remember, I have always gone to Fisherman’s Terrace; it is my grandparents’ favorite place.

It is never a problem getting reservation because the restaurant folks know my grandparents with their years of patronage.

I don’t know if I get better food because of grannies, but I have always enjoy their dinner meals and dim sum lunch.

A friend thought of this place negatively; personally, I have sent friends there to eat and they seemed to enjoy it.

This last visit, we went for their seafood set dinner.

First came a seafood bird’s nest soup.


The flavor brought me back instantly to Chinese banquets that I used to attend growing up in Hong Kong — it had the same flavor as the shark fin soup, except with scallops and shrimps and bird’s nest.

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Vancouver Food Day Part III

My favorite Hong Kong style café in Richmond BC – Lido!

The must-get in Lido was the Hong Kong style milk tea.


Hong Kong style milk tea with corn beef and egg sandwich

Black tea flavor was strong and the milk was silky, velvety smooth and creamy.

The milk tea came unsweetened and each person could adjust their sweetness-liking accordingly.

It was truly a little luxury in a cup and I savored every sip of it.

Alas, no establishment in the Greater Seattle area produced such delicious milk tea — it made crossing boarder a must!

Lido also served excellent Hong Kong style coffee and milk tea mix, yin yang 鴛鴦, which was exceptionally authentic, down to the use of not-so-great coffee.

Perfect balance of tea, coffee and milky goodness, it was another must-try.

To eat: my favorite toasted corn beef and egg sandwich.

At Lido, fantastically fluffy eggs and salted corn beef was sandwiched between 2 slices of perfectly toasted white bread.

Every bite was exciting — first there was the crunch of the toast, followed by soft pillowy eggs and flavored with corn beef.

My only wish was for more corn beef in the sandwich.

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