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BBQ versus

When I worked down by SODO, Pecos Pit’s pulled pork was my order.

Recently, I was able to visit Bitterroot for NW BBQ.


Lovely rustic decor, Bitterroot felt like an upscale BBQ joint with probably all food made from scratch.

As expected, many varieties of BBQ meats on the menu, and I shall be returning with my meat-loving father.

Mac n cheese looked really intriguing, but I am reserving that for my next visit when my folks are in town.

Our plan was to shared food so my friend and I could try as much as 2 girls’ stomach could fit.

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Roost and #1 Chicken, Fried Rice and Seafood

Roost was another highly anticipated restaurant to visit in Houston on my eating itinerary (the other being Coutivare).

Due to yoga class, we were there just right before they closed, and almost had the place by ourselves.

We were starving when we got there, and ordered bread service right away.

The bread offering changes every day, and we had pretzel bread on that particular night.


Top: cauliflower — Bottom: bread service

Normally the bread service comes with 2 spreads, we added $ to have all 4 to try.

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Common Bond and Lucky’s Puccias

Common Bond — I heard my sister talked about it over and over, and we intended to visit on Monday but they were not opened.


Tuesday it was!

An awesome pastry place with simple, modern and elegant décor; Common Bond served pastries and hot breakfasts, desserts and lunch from their store, along with excellent coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice.

The minute we walked into the store, the pleasant buttery sweet pastry smell surrounded us immediately.


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Eating Out in Houston

WP_20141102_10_30_06_ProWe started off the day debating whether we wanted the $5 Hong Kong style

breakfast with milk tea, soup macaroni, and eggs, sausage and toast, or Northern

Chinese breakfast with fried dough and hot soy milk.

Since I can get fantastic Hong Kong breakfast in Vancouver, we went for Northern


WP_20141102_10_44_20_ProClassic Kitchen has ok food; we had an assortment of

dishes to try.

Most memorable was definitely the house-

made noodle (we had cold noodle and hot beef

soup noodle).


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