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Common Bond and Lucky’s Puccias

Common Bond — I heard my sister talked about it over and over, and we intended to visit on Monday but they were not opened.


Tuesday it was!

An awesome pastry place with simple, modern and elegant décor; Common Bond served pastries and hot breakfasts, desserts and lunch from their store, along with excellent coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice.

The minute we walked into the store, the pleasant buttery sweet pastry smell surrounded us immediately.


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Odd Duck in Austin TX


Odd Duck, what a funny restaurant name!  Had been looking forward to Odd Duck before we arrived in TX.

I loved the mismatch plates and cups, adding to another touch of being odd!

Food was tapas-style, and many dishes looked very interesting and we narrowed down to 6.

This was the first time I had pickled okras, and I am a fan now!


Top: red snapper ceviche — Bottom: pickled okras

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Noble Sandwich in Austin, TX

If I have to live in TX, I can live in Austin.

It had a Portland-feel with plenty independent businesses, small town vibe, with a Texan twist.

We were there for a very short overnight trip and managed to go to Noble Sandwich Company twice!

Each store’s menu was a little different.

It was well-worth the 2 visits — for lunch and for breakfast.

First store was in north Austin.


Among 11 of the sandwich selections, we opted for cow tongue, smoked duck and Creole catfish.

Sandwiches did not look big yet filling enough.

DH”s smoked duck pastrami was the best (apologize for the fuzzy picture!).

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