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Eating Out in Singapore: Kaya, Laksa, Chili Crab

Our eating tour started in the morning (thanks YB and KW!) at this coffee shop/cafe – Chin Mee Chin in the Katong neighborhood in Singapore.


I love the old style ambience and the coffees and teas were superb.


We also had the quintessential soft-boil egg, and kaya on buns.

The kaya was a jam like spread and it was made with coconut and egg.

The custardy coconut flavor was lovely and the texture was very creamy.

Some versions of kaya was green with the addition of pandan leaf.

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Buk Kut Teh VS. (Pork Bone Soup)

We got a chance to try and compare the Buk Kut Teh from Malaysia and Singapore.

I had Buk Kut Teh when I was growing up but not often.

I only remembered it being tasty.

“Buk Kut Teh”‘s pronunciation is Hokkien dialect, which literally means “meat bone tea”.

The soup is popular in Malaysia and Singapore are and it was of Chinese origin.

The 2 countries neighboring each other serve up vastly different Buk Kut Teh and it was a fantastic experience to have both!

Let’s start with the Singapore one.


We went to Ng Ah Sio, one of the famous spots in Singapore.

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Singapore Food Court

We stopped by Singapore twice in our trip, to and from Malaysia.

The taxi boarder crossing experience was very interesting.

There were MANY cars and motorcycles crossing the border and yet the lines moved really fast; it felt like an efficient chaos!

We were however, stuck in traffic, and took us about 1.5 hour which without traffic would have been 45 mins.

After we checked into the hotel the first time, we were looking for food again.

Since DH was on crutches due to leg injury, we did not go very far.

I ventured out to the infamous food court in the Mall.


We got this fantastically grilled chicken wings from the food court.

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