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Teppanyaki, Nitrogen Ice Cream and 3D Foam Art

Got a fantastic short food tour of Tsim Sha Tsui.  Thanks MS!!

I had requested to have teppanyaki, since I could not get proper ones in the Seattle area (Benihana is NOT teppanyaki!!)

Couple months ago, I finally broke down and went to Gyu King in Vancouver BC.

It certainly was not wow, and the food was delicious due to the large quantity of butter used.

Nonetheless, it was enough to satisfy a long craving.

My friend brought me to Akita Teppanyaki 秋田鐵板燒刺身專門店  in Kowloon.

We got a 2 people set lunch and started with salad and this delicious steam egg.

It was cooked over the “teppan” (literally means iron slab) by steaming the eggs under cover.

The cook diligently added water onto the teppan to make sure there was enough steam to cook the eggs properly; resulting in a very smooth, soft egg.


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Tropical Fruits, Roasted Chestnuts and Little Eggs

Very happy to have sugar apple (or Atis in Tagalog, or “foreigner’s lychee” in Cantonese) for breakfast this morning!


This fruit is one of my favorites since I was little, and I have not seen it at all in the Seattle area.

I would buy this fruit whenever we came across it during our travel.  Aside from Hong Kong and the Philippines, we had this in Salvador, Brazil and in Cairo, Egypt in recent years.

Sugar apple is not a juicy fruit, and it certainly requires a lot of work to eat.

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Two Breakfasts later…..

Due to jet lag, I woke up at 5am — more than sufficient time to fit 2 breakfasts in the morning….unintentionally!

With Hong Kong dubbed “east meets west”, my breakfasts spoke truth to that.

First, a nice cup of Hong Kong style milk tea.


Strong tea, smooth milk and slight sweetness, paired with one of my favorite sandwich, canned corn-beef and eggs.

Served up on plain white bread, which I had not had for eons, the sandwich was a staple in Hong Kong style tea restaurant.

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Eating in Hong Kong: Fishball Noodle Soup, Japanese Dessert and Cotton Ice

After being awake for about a day, finally arrived in Hong Kong late last night.

Wasting no time, I promptly venture out to eat today.

Sad part is, everything changes very fast in Hong Kong; couple with the fact that I have not been back frequently in the last 10 years, I no longer know where good food are at anymore.

Many restaurants that I miss and long for from growing up here were close down due to sky rocketing rent or retirement.

The bright side is that I get to explore and try new places.

Everywhere I look is food everywhere!

No wonder I love to eat.

I practically grew up surrounded by food!

It is about 4 in the afternoon and I am already stuffed and cannot think about dinner!

First thing first, REAL good fishball noodle for lunch.


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