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Kings of Pastry and Boiling Point

Do you want to drool over some super delicious-looking pastries and cakes?

Or do you want to see the inner workings of highly-skilled French pastry chefs?

If you say yes to any of these questions, then Kings of Pastry may be the documentary for you!


This film was about the pastry section of the once every four-year Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition, open for all ambitious pastry chefs who want the title of the best craftsmen in France.

The Meilleur Ouvrier de France is a French government-recognized honor for not only pastry chefs, but clockmakers, glassmakers, wood workers, hairdressers to name a few, out of the 15 categories of skills that can be awarded at this highest honor.

In short, they referred to this honor as MOF, and apparently it is a prosecutable offense in France if one was caught impersonating as MOF.

Sixteen finalists are selected every four years, and this documentary followed three of them, with one of them particularly at length since he is one the faculty members of the French Pastry School in Chicago.

In the Greater Seattle area, we have pastry chefs from Crumble and Flake and Midori who graduated from this prestige pastry school.

Scenes after scenes of the amazing pull sugar sculptures, mini mouth-watering pastries, chocolates, lollipops and cakes, I was ooing and ahhing a lot. Continue reading →

Dim Sum Factory 鼎記

The concept of Dim Sum factory is awesome: dim sum all day long, along with noodles and congees.

Traditionally, dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong open as early as five or six in the morning for breakfast, and serve dim sum all the way until about 3pm; the restaurants then change over to serve dishes for dinner.

The long-hour of serving dim sum at Dim Sum Factory means dim sum fans can get them all the time, and one can even pop in and get a snack!

Opened by the lady who also owns Top Gun, Dim Sum Factory is the second dim sum location within the small blocks of Factoria.

However, reviews have not been kind to Dim Sum Factory.

We heard of soft opening, bad reviews, closed, and reopened; my interest of trying plummeted.

Then, we went a couple of weeks ago per friends’ suggestion — time to check it out.

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Boy!  Was it hard to find!

Last year, I was looking for a highly rated Japanese sushi place to have lunch before my sister’s flight home; I thought somewhere in International District would be convenient.

Yelp rated Tsukushinbo really high, I set my course there … and could not find it!

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Shanghai Shanghai 新天地

As one of the largest seaports in the world, Shanghai is a metropolitan city in China that has played pivotal role in Chinese history.

From early cotton cultivation, to a foreign trade hub in the 1800s and early 1900s due to Treaty of Nanking, to China’s industrial center in the 1900s, and further development well into present times, Shanghai has seen history and culture, survived its hard times and continues to grow.

Its resilience was something that my Shanghai grandma was very proud of.

She was also very proud of sharing the unique Shanghainese food with us when I was growing up.

Famous dishes such as xiao long bao (made famous by Din Tai Fung), sheng jian bao (pan fried buns), drunken chicken and soy braised pork shank are all distinctively Shanghainese.

WP_20150424_17_36_30_ProI am afraid to report that there really is no real Shanghainese restaurant in Greater Seattle area: Shanghai Cafe only has very few dishes that are strictly Shanghainese.

That is why when I heard about Shanghai Shanghai, I was giddy.

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