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Pashmak and Yeh Yeh’s

The same trip that I discovered Faloudeh from the Persian market, I also bought Sesame Pashmak — another traditional Iranian dessert made of sesame, sugar, pistachio and vanillin.


I loved the prominent sesame flavor in this dessert; and it was the texture that was really fun.

It reminded me of a traditional Chinese candy that I used to enjoy growing up called dragon beard candy, 龍鬚糖.

Dragon beard candy looked like a cocoon made of pulled super fine sugar strands.

Inside the candy, one would find finely chopped peanuts and sometimes coconut.

Having dragon beard candy was a textural journey of its own; and it was considered a culinary art of China.

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Faloudeh and Couzin’s Cafe

We went into a newly opened Persian market in my neighborhood.

My Dad and I loved checking out ethnic grocery stores.

It was so much fun to see foods that were exotic, ask questions and learn along the way the different ingredients we normally did not use, nor exposed to in a regular basis.

Adventurous and exciting!

Some goods were familiar as they were goods from Bulgaria or Armenia — olives, tomatoes, vegetable spreads (similar to Zacuscă from Romania), different kinds of jams (notably young walnut jam and rose jam).

There were also others that were unfamiliar, e.g. bags of dried whole lemon and whole lime.

The shopkeeper told me they were for boiling teas or soup making.

We also found these desserts that were completely foreign.

The more different they were, the more I wanted to try!

We got Faloudeh to try.

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Kombucha and Water Kefir

We used to drink a lot of store-bought Kombucha.

Kombucha was a fermented tea and sugar drink which contains bacteria and yeast.

Similar to the making of alcoholic beverages, fermentation of sugars yielded alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The amount of alcohol in Kombucha was very low (about 1%), however, some brands in the market still had warning labels on them.

Kombucha had its origin traced back to China before 1910.

There were many other health benefits from drinking kombucha such as easing joint pain and high blood pressure etc. but there were not enough evidence to substantiate these claims.

We drank it for the good “bugs” that would aid in digestion.

Since I could not have dairy all the time, and other yogurt had not been the best tasting (I had tried coconut, soy and almond milk yogurt), kombucha was a good alternative.


DH liked the Bucha since it was sweeter, more added flavor with very low alcohol content.

I liked Synergy better as it was less sweet.

The kobucha flavor was more prominent and the company offered one high (black wrapping around the top) and one low alcohol version of their products.

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Fed Up with lunch and Fake Cheese

Finally got around to read Fed Up with Lunch — and what an additive book!

The book documented the journey of the author, a speech pathologist from the Chicago public school system, secretly and diligently blogging about her consumption of school lunch for a year.

She accidentally stumbled into school lunch and realized how bad the quality of foods were, and decided to take pictures of the food she consumed every day.

The book included some of the pictures of these foods, and I was at awe: mysterious formed meat, fried food, frozen desserts high in sugar (high fructose corn syrup!) and lack of fresh fruit and vegetables.

A lot of the food served in the author’s school district were frozen foods and it was difficult to find the list of ingredients for these foods.

USDA’s guideline did not help children’s cause either as the guideline allow fries to be counted as vegetables, fruit juice was counted as a fruit requirement.

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The Commons and Ajinomoto Gyoza

We had a girls night out at the Commons in the quiet wine country Woodinville.

I heard that this place was opened by the same people who owned Purple Café and Wine Bar.

The place was very causal with sandwiches, burgers and biscuits to choose from their menu.

Since I did not have to drive that night, I also tried one of the delicious-sounding boozy milkshake, Feldberg.

The drink was sinfully yummy and strong!

It was made with bourbon, chocolate liqueur and coffee liqueur with ice cream and amaretto syrup.


It was super thick, cold and creamy, and I had to share this with my girlfriends since it was very substantial.

I really wanted to try their biscuits and ordered the maple braised pork belly biscuits with spinach, fried eggs and grilled onions.

I love this!

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