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NuTiger Organics Fresh Cashew Milk

Meet Lynnette.


Mother, nurse, entrepreneur, and the heart and soul behind NuTiger Organics cashew milk.

Business was not in Lynnette’s mind in the beginning.

Her daughter has eczema, and the doctor had recommended a reduction in dairy and gluten consumption.

Home-made cashew milk was Lynnette’s solution to her child’s need.

Not only that little Miss did not reject the cashew milk, she wanted more; so did people who had tried Lynnette’s cashew milk — and that was 2 years ago.

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Detox and Healthy Food Products

It’s the time of the year for my annual detox!

One week down and 2 more weeks to go.

This week is vegan week, and it is always the hardest, especially because the diet does not allow tomatoes and soy.

I have continued to experiment with coconut flour (made a gluten-free vegan coconut pear bar), but I was still not proud of the experiment.

Currently, I am counting down the days to enjoy a nice cup of soy mocha from The French Bakery; and have a box of local hand-made pasta frozen awaiting for its tomato sauce partner to arrive on my first day off detox.

In 2 weeks, I will be able to eat proper dim sum with my friends at our weekly Jade Garden gathering.

Cravings are most certainly there, yet, detox does get easier every year.

Partially due to the fact that I had the experience to change my diet and replace meats with other proteins.

Partially is the increase in collective awareness on food allergens and special diets.

There are many products that are gluten-free and/or vegan on the market to purchase.

One of the example was the grain-based probiotic drink called Graindrops.


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Koka Instant Noodle

Excited to share this good find – Koka Instant Noodle!

We ate instant noodle very infrequently (once a year??), but often felt obligated to keep some at home for “just in case”.

I was first attracted to Koka instant noodle at my local Chinese grocery store because of its flavor offerings: laksa and tomato.

They also had black pepper, curry, spicy sesame, and new dry-tossed noodle products made of purple wheat.


Closer evaluation of the packaging brought even better news – the instant noodle was steamed and baked – no frying whatsoever!

Generally instant noodle was so bad and full of fat because the frying process was what made the noodle “instant”.

I had learnt the trick over the years to cook the traditional instant noodle in hot water first, drained, and added it to the cooked broth separately – rather than adding noodles and seasoning all in one pot.

This preparation purged some grease from the instant noodle, but made the noodle tasted quite different.

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Chia Pod, Coconut Water Probiotic and Hot Lips Soda

Review on several products that I liked recently from the grocery store.

First, this Chia Pod snack.


It came in a small cup with many different flavors including this mango one that I had.

Chia seed was a healthful ingredient that was packed with very high amount of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids and lots of fiber.

It was very similar to the chia pudding that I got at Chaco Canyon minus the coconut milk.

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Pike Place Market Good Eats Part II

Passed by lovely fresh fruits and vegetables, and after Uli’s sausage, next stop was Pure Food Fish.


This was a must-stop for me to purchase smoked semi-dried salmon jerky.

These long thin strips of smoked salmon, smoky with lovely sweetness were my family’s favorite.

It looked like we were buying waist belts and most definitely a delight!

My father would buy them and brought them home to Hong Kong for further enjoyment.

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