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Coconut Chia Seed Muffin and Dakshin

First time using coconut flour!

Since I knew nothing about it, the safest bet was to follow the recipe on the packaging.

I made coconut chia seed muffins with blueberries.

WP_20140827_17_30_01_ProNo recipe at this time because I did not feel the muffins were the best — experimentation still required.

The coconut muffins came out to have very interesting texture.

It was soft and airy but springy at the same time.

The coconut flour packaging had touted its high fiber content.

Coupled with chia seeds which also had high fiber content, the muffins were very fibrous, as if I was chewing celery.

If a muffin could be crunchy, I would have used that term!

I had adjusted the sweetness for personal preference so it was not too sweet.

Using the coconut flour was difficult.

The recipe called for sifting the flour first.

However, fibrous flour had high particle size which made it extremely difficult to sift.

I stood sifting until I ran out of patience, and had DH helped me sifted while I prepared other ingredients!


beige color coconut flour


resulting dough that was quite runny

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Tang Yuan

We made Tang Yuan last week on Valentine’s Day.

Apparently, this year was a special year that the Chinese Valentine’s Day and the Feb 14th Valentine’s Day happened to be the same physical day.

It was customary to make Tang Yuan during the Chinese Valentine’s Day, and so we did.

They were super easy to make – literally just flour and water for the wrapping and fillings of choice.

However, glutinous rice flour was a must-have otherwise texture would be completely compromised.


INGREDIENTS (makes about 25 dumplings)

1 cup glutinous rice flour

2/3 cup warm water

black sesame filling*

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Chocoholic’s Chocolate Cherry Muffin – Gluten Free and Vegan

Experiment with a chocoholic muffin recipe and I am excited with this creation!

WARNING: the muffins contain super strong dark chocolate flavor.

A tiny little muffin goes a long way to satisfy chocolate cravings!


I elected to use Trader Joe’s sipping chocolate powder mix for its intense chocolate flavor.

Aside from cocoa powder, the powder mix also contains cocoa butter and chocolate liquor.

The downside is that it also contains cane sugar.

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Lemon Currant Coffee Cake – Gluten free and Vegan

Last day of detox!

First thing tomorrow morning: going to my favorite bakery to get a piping hot soy mocha!

Thanks my lovely friends for the supply of yummy food.  The chocolate and salami are patiently waiting for us to eat them!

Meanwhile, the last couple days we were munching on this gluten-free and vegan lemon currant coffee cake.

This coffee cake has light lemon flavor and lots of plump currants.


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Almond Carrot Cake – Gluten free, Vegan


DH had his birthday during detox.

It was surely a challenge to find a cake for celebration.

Decided to make a gluten-free vegan cake for him.

Boy, was it difficult to find anything on that!

Finally I landed with this gluten-free recipe on-line and made it vegan, and reduced the sweetness as well.

We both really liked the cake.

It was moist and delicious.

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