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Salmon Salad

The lovely sunny days we had been having were fantastic and absolutely enjoyable.

The side effect of the heat was that it made me lose appetite.

Whatever appetite that was left in the cooler evenings made me crave cold food.

With the abundance of fresh vegetables during the summer time, I created this light salmon salad, taking after the conventional tuna salad.

It was great with bread or crackers, or as filling for sandwich or on its own.

It contained lots of vegetables; and I used fava beans in this — as it was one of the sweetest and freshest beans to have.

Fava beans’ unique flavor was highly prized; however, it was a very low yield produce — 1 lb of fava beans resulted in about 1/3 cup of cooked beans.

Fennel was also used in the salad for its crunchy freshness and mild licorice flavor.

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New Hing Loon and Spicy Miso Black Cod

During my party years, I went to Hing Loon a lot.

It was one of those places that opened until really late at night.

I had fond memory of Hing Loon from way back in the early 90’s, when they were one of the few edible Chinese food restaurants in Seattle Chinatown when I freshly came from Hong Kong.

My favorite had been the salt and pepper fried chicken wings — fried to crisp, well-flavored with garlic and fresh chilies, meat was tender, always a treat.

I liked their wings the best — some places made it soggy, some places did not have enough flavors (plain fried wings), and they seemed to find the perfect balance.

It used to be my destination wing stop!

When I passed by couple months ago I noticed the English name of the restaurant had changed to New Hing Loon, although the Chinese name stayed the same, the place had likely changed hands.

We went with friends anyway for late dinner and really hoping that my favorite would stayed the same!


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Indian Pizza and Berbere Kale Chips

Why would I blog about Can Am Pizza?

Because our neighborhood Can Am Pizza is special!

This Can Am pizza serves Indian pizzas.

They have chicken and paneer pizzas, served with sides of yogurt and extra jalapenos if one wishes.

My favorite is the butter chicken pizza.


L: DH’s favorite Hawaiian without cheese — R: butter chicken pizza

Thick, rich, savory and spicy butter curry chicken on top of soft bready pizza crust, it was most definitely another experience to enjoy Indian food!

The pizza crust was not anything special, but it was good enough as a vehicle for the saucy butter chicken.

I tried their tandoori chicken pizza and it was decent — but I found it less unique as it tasted similar to grilled chicken pizza.

The hotness level was definitely not for spicy wimps — I usually had my mouth and ears burning with mild.

Indian pizza from Can Am was definitely one of those unique, cheap and delicious grub!

Can Am Pizza on Urbanspoon

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Taylor Shell Fish and Dairy Free Leek Quiche

Made this dairy free quiche and loved it!

With a dash of tabasco, it was zesty and delicious!



2 leeks, cut out leaves and roots, slice vertically in half and slice finely

3 eggs, whisk

1/2 cup of soy milk

1/2 cup of coconut milk

1/2 lb of soft tofu, mashed to very small lumps and drained

1 pre-made Pie Crust (I use Trader Joe’s)

1/2 + 1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp parsley

1 tsp thyme

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Shanghainese Fried Rice Cakes


My Shanghainese grandma made fried rice cakes often when she was still around.

It was one of my favorite Shanghainese dishes.

I was fortunate to learn the cooking know-how on this before she passed.

Contrary to Cantonese style rice cakes which were staples around Chinese New Year, Shanghainese rice cakes were to be eaten all year round.

In my grandma’s recipe, there were only 4 simple ingredients – clean and delicious.

Personally, nothing beat making this dish at home — particularly, we put less oil and large amount of vegetables in it.

When we eat out, the preparation was often only with sprinkles of vegetables and relatively greasy.

It would require some trail and error in the beginning to attempt this dish, specially in learning the strength of the cooktop; nonetheless, the reward is priceless!

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