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Vegan Sunchoke Broccoli Kale Soup

Our latest favorite is this sunchoke soup.

The idea came from using the broccoli stems left from stir-frying only the florets (looked prettier on the plate), and the kale stems from kale chips.

This soup is super high in fiber, healthy and delicious!

There is the addition of Remy Martin XO because I love the flavors and aromas of it in cooking, even though I never drink it straight.

Give it a try!

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Maple Glazed Berbere Wings and Lost Lake Cafe


Spicy hot, these chicken wings were tasty, filled with salty, sweet and aromatic spices.

Smelled like berbere but tasted like curry, they were detox-approved and fairly healthy!



1.5 lb chicken wings

1 tsp salt

1 tsp berbere

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp celery seeds

maple syrup

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Healthy Salmon Salad (No Mayo) and Toulouse Petit


I roasted the last of our whole wild sockeye salmon for the season using an awesome simple recipe from Jamie Oliver.

The next day, I was really uninterested in reheating the left over salmon, and decided to experiment.

It turned out to be a successful endeavor: salmon and cooked squash.

The moisture in the cooked squash was sufficient to adhere all the ingredients together without the use of any mayonnaise — added health benefit.

Canned salmon can be substituted for left over salmon in this recipe, and I paired the salmon salad with our own pickled green tomatoes.

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First Ever Pickling Experience

Fun day of pickling with DH!

It was our virgin pickling effort, so just a little hap hazard.

We knew there was a decent amount of raw material to handle for first-timer, but time was an essence.

With our home farm closure, we harvested a large amount of green tomatoes.


What we also learnt was that, as much as green tomatoes were unripe, they did not keep for long.

Pickling quickly was our solution as we started throwing away rotten green tomatoes.

At the end, we had 4 lbs of green cherry tomatoes plus about 5 of our gigantic cucumbers to pickle.

Internet was my friend in this process, and we were grateful that pickling required so little and non-specialized equipment.

Started off with a mad-dash to the shop to buy canning jars.

We pulled out our biggest soup pot and sterilization for the jars and lids followed.

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Fed Up and Sweet Potato Chili

This food documentary was narrated by Katie Couric.

Her soothing voice guided us along a scary journey following 3 teenagers who were morbidly obese.

The solution to weight loss in America had been exercising, yet there was rarely any mention in governmental policy to change what we eat.

Film maker brought up the known fact that the food companies and industry were to blame with their continuous and inexhaustible advertising campaign on unhealthy food such as sugared cereal, sodas and convenient process food.

The food companies were compared to the tobacco companies in the way they used to advertise, and their refusal to admit potential health problems caused by cigarettes and tobacco. Sugary foods were all around us at check out counters in stores, and added in many processed food. Continue reading →