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Little Uncle and Comfort me with Apples


Heard so much rave about Little Uncle, I finally made it there in a gorgeous sunny afternoon!

We almost missed the store as the restaurant was actually at the basement, and only the name of the restaurant on a window was visible from street level.

Once we arrived at the bottom of the steps, it opened into this big cavernous space.

I loved the natural wood décor with rice bags lining the walls under the bar.

There were quite a few unique items on the menu.

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Pestle Rock Isan Thai

I was so glad to be introduced to Pestle Rock Isan Thai in Ballard (thanks IC)!

This was not the every day Thai restaurant we encountered.

I asked the cook what “Isan” meant, and she told me that it was the Northern part of Thailand.

The foods were delicious and uniquely represented the northern region of Thailand.

I had not “studied” a Thai restaurant menu as intensely ever as the one at Pestle Rock.

When I read the menu, every dish looked a little familiar and a little different — whether it was in the ingredients, or in the spices they used.

My girlfriend and I pigged out.

There was just too many new dishes to try — it boiled down to that we had to go back with more friends!

My favorite was the special coconut fried rice, Yum Kao Rod.  It was one of those amazing sensorial experience.


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Fish Cake Factory

Had been intrigued by this Thai restaurant’s name for a long while.

Since it was called Fish Cake Factory, my favorite Thai fish cakes must be good with lots of variety.

Sure enough, I saw the fish cake sampler plate on the menu and must order!


Most of the cakes were made with fish (trout, salmon, catfish, snapper and traditional Thai fish cake) except one was made with taro, one with pork and shrimp, crab and a seafood cake.

The snapper cake was super hot and delicious, and the garlic trout cake was tender and yummy on its own right.

The taro cake was fantastically prepared with freshly pressed taro slices.

Both the catfish and salmon cakes were a little dry, but the catfish one was exceptionally flavorful, with the salmon one being tough in texture.

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Eat Local and Iyara Thai

Went to Eat Local for some food preparation help.

Eat Local has several locations in the Greater Seattle area that sells prepared frozen meals.

They have everything from appetizers, soups, entrees to side dishes and desserts.

They also carried frozen fish and meat for purchase.

The dishes came in different serving sizes with meat options and vegetarian options.

Their dishes are on the pricey side.

In turn, they do use fantastic ingredients such as 100% grass-fed beef, organic chicken, sustainably caught fish and local vegetables.

This was my first visit to the Capitol Hill locations. My prior visits were at the Queen Anne location.


This store was hip and fun!

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