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L.A. Food Finds Part I

Los Angeles, a foodie paradise with diverse offerings — from delicious food trucks, to farmers’ markets, to elegant Michelin-starred restaurants, options are endless.

Unlike Washington, with L.A. situated in the warm area of the country, farmers markets are opened all-year round.

My top 2 locations to visit was the Grand Central Market and The Original Farmers Market, and I was surprised to see that both locations did not have as many fresh produce and meat vendors as I thought, but with lots of food vendors.

At Grand Central Market, Eggslut and McConnell’s Ice Cream were the local recommendations.

It was no joke that Eggslut was popular.

We found the line went around Eggslut’s store parameter.


back side of the line


front of the store, which was the end of the line

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Our physical and mental health contributes to our overall well being as humans on earth; one of the pathway to great physical health is through diets — the food we put in our mouths every day.

Plant-based diet is known to have many health benefits including lowering heart disease risks and having protective effects against cancer.

In the eastside, my favorite vegetarian restaurants are Udupi Café and Bombay House, both serving delicious Indian vegetarian food.

Now there is another option to help with advancing our well-being — Sukho Thai.

Sukho Thai is a vegetarian and pescetarian restaurant, taking over the old Saigon City on Bel-Red Road.

The restaurant serves an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet lunch 7 days a week.

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Head to Head: Bai Tong vs. Chantanee

Two long-standing Thai restaurants on the eastside: Chantanee and Bai Tong with similar offering, here is the low-down.

I still remembered I had to travel to Bai Tong in Sea-Tac in the early 90s for some decent Thai food; and now there are 3 Bai Tongs!

Chantanee moved from its old location to the current Key Bank one many years back as well due to the on-going Bellevue downtown development.

One of my favorite Thai dishes is the Thai Fish Cake (hence my excitement to try Fish Cake Factory).


Top: Bai Tong — Bottom: Chantanee

I believe Chantanee won the fish cake battle.

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Elevensies, Lunch and Suppers in Portland

Continuing on a Hobbit’s journey, we found some perfect places for Elevensies, Lunch and Suppers: Waffle Window, Pok Pok and Pine State Biscuits .


Waffle Window was my sister’s favorite in Portland, which also quickly became my father’s favorite too during his visits.

We had been going to place since they were a one-store shop at Hawthorn.

On an earlier stop at the Hawthorn shop, my sister suffered our first dissatisfaction ever at Waffle Window.

She received a very unsweetened plain pearl sugar waffle.

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Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen

Super excited to find out that the folks who brought us Bai Tong, opened a regional Thai restaurant at Kirkland waterfront called Isarn Thai Soul Kitchen.

I was floored by my last regional Thai food experience at Pestle Rock — I could not wait to try this place out!

The restaurant is neatly decorated; designed well and plenty of details attended to including the menus.

dinner menu's cover and back is made with gorgeous carved wood

dinner menu’s cover and back are made with gorgeous carved wood

lunch menu is in a little flat wood box with magnet

lunch menu is in a little flat wood box with magnet

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