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First 21.5 hours in Las Vegas

Yeah! Las Vegas!

We were infrequent travelers to Las Vegas (last time was probably 5-6 years ago), and it felt like everything changed so much every time we went — new places to walk to, to eat, to look at.

Although the first priority for this trip was shows, specifically Cirque de Soleil’s KA, and the Penn and Teller Show, no trip was complete without great food!

Since we had 43 hours total, rapid expansion of our stomaches were required; thank goodness we walked everywhere, at the least, we tried to increase our output for the input we enjoyed.

Every casino we walked through was still in Chinese New Year mode.

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Harvest Vine

DH brought me to Harvest Vine for our wedding anniversary.

We ate there before only on special occasions as it was fairly expensive.

Food was always fantastic and we never had a disappointment.

Harvest Vine was a Basque restaurant.

Basque country was on my list of countries to visit; we made it to Spain but did not go to Basque.

Short of going to Basque country to eat, Basque restaurant in Seattle will suffice for now.


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