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Pizza Versus – Humble Pie and Mercato Stellina

Two newish pizza joints in our Greater Seattle area, and I had the chance to visit them just couple days apart.

Passed by Humble Pie all the time in International District – couldn’t miss it as it was where the big wood-fire stood stoically by Rainier Ave.


It had a very casual, lay back, neighborhood friendly atmosphere with picnic table seating.

They grew their own chickens on site and all the ingredients for the pizzas were as organic and as local as they could get.


That day, DH had the pull pork pizza and I the mushroom and egg.

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Indian Pizza and Berbere Kale Chips

Why would I blog about Can Am Pizza?

Because our neighborhood Can Am Pizza is special!

This Can Am pizza serves Indian pizzas.

They have chicken and paneer pizzas, served with sides of yogurt and extra jalapenos if one wishes.

My favorite is the butter chicken pizza.


L: DH’s favorite Hawaiian without cheese — R: butter chicken pizza

Thick, rich, savory and spicy butter curry chicken on top of soft bready pizza crust, it was most definitely another experience to enjoy Indian food!

The pizza crust was not anything special, but it was good enough as a vehicle for the saucy butter chicken.

I tried their tandoori chicken pizza and it was decent — but I found it less unique as it tasted similar to grilled chicken pizza.

The hotness level was definitely not for spicy wimps — I usually had my mouth and ears burning with mild.

Indian pizza from Can Am was definitely one of those unique, cheap and delicious grub!

Can Am Pizza on Urbanspoon

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Rain Shadow Meats Squared

Heard much about Rain Shadow Meats Squared at Pioneer Square serving food and I brought my meat-loving father there.

I first saw them in Capitol Hill’s Melrose Market and bought some pork rillet from their meat counter, and was very happy with my purchase.


R top: fresh meat for sale — R bottom: cured meats for sale or order at the shop

Essentially we went there for snack since we were all full from our late breakfast at Morsel.

We had a cured meat plate to share.


L: pork rillet — mid: sopressata — top: pate foie de porc — R bottom: speck

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Tutta Bella and Sunrise Donuts

It was probably 10 years ago when I first heard about Tutta Bella from a co-worker of mine.

Since I was not crazy over pizza in general, I had not been back since.

Tutta Bella was the first restaurant in the Pacific Northwest to receive the highly regarded VPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) certificate from Italy.

The VPN has strict rules on the ingredients of pizza dough, the process of dough-making, including the dough characteristics, fermentation, and cooking temperature.

Any restaurant wanting to get VPN certified has to apply, and to be assessed and inspected by the association in addition to rigorous amount of pizza-making training.

Recently, Tutta Bella opened an outfit on the eastside, and my Dad likes pizza, we went to check it out!

When we got there, it was Happy Hour.

We got an extremely delicious bruschetta with plump cherry tomatoes.

They were garlicky, a little on the greasy side but tasty.

I was very hungry, started eating them and had completely forgotten about picture!

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Veraci Pizza and Dish Washer Detergent

Veraci Pizza was delicious!  My friend had told me about them for a while just did not get a chance.

Veraci pizza is a travelling wood oven pizza mobile that goes around to many neighborhood farmers market.


I had the special of the day: the New Yorker without cheese.  It was supposed to contain sausages, red peppers, onions, provolone and their three cheese blend.

The lady was very nice and asked if they could substitute other veggies or meats for me since my pizza would be cheese-less.  I opted for mushrooms and tomatoes.

The pizza crust was thin, crisp at the bottom but chewy at the same time.  The whole wheat dough also had a hint of sweetness.

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