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Nollie’s and Aladdin Gyrocery

We found ourselves around Lake Union on a quiet weekend morning, looking for a place to have a bite before our appointment.

Found Nollie’s Café on the internet and we popped in for breakfast.


The place apparently had lots of history.

It was the first ever cheese cake factory in the Seattle area.

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East and West Kefta

Lunch with my girlfriend at Garlic Crush.


I had heard that it was a great place for quick Mediterranean food on the east side; and they certainly had the business to support that.

It was packed with people in this small place.

We queued up at the counter to order our food and luckily found a table to sit during the busy business lunch hour.

I got the kefta set with lentil soup.

The lentil soup was delicious with great lemony/citrusy flavor but it was too salty for my taste.


I was very much looking forward to the kefta but it was dense and hard.

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Eating on the Eastside – Sofra Turkish and Boba Express

We had been living on the eastside of Greater Seattle for over 15 years now, and it was amazing to watch the changes in Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland — the primary cities that made up of the growing eastside.

There were many more Asian shops and restaurants around (particularly some major ones opened up such as Din Tai Fung and Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot opened on the eastside before their branches on the west side).

Recent addition had been Turkish, Mediterranean and Persian grocery store (where I was able to purchase and try Persian dessert such as pashmak and Faloudeh) and restaurants.

In Bellevue alone, the 2010 census had shown that almost 41% of the population were minority or ethnic, compare to that figure was about 25% in 2000.

I believed that explained the proliferation of minority and ethnic small businesses, which of course was fantastic for foodies!

I loved Turkish Kofte and the fairly new Turkish restaurant, Sofra, opened in my neighborhood.

The version of kofte I had in Turkey was formed like little sausages –super tender meat with fantastic flavors of garlic and strong in cumin.

The menu at Sofra was on the small side, but as long as the food were good, it would be great as so many fantastic restaurants in Asia were “specialty store” that only served a handful of items.

The day of my visit, I thought Sofra did not have Kofte.

It was translated as Turkish burger, and I did not read Turkish carefully and completely missed it!

I had to go back and try my favorite Turkish dish!

Doner was next on my list.


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I am very lucky to have parents that are gamed to try almost any kind of food.

I brought them to Mamnoon, a Middle Eastern restaurant I wanted to go for a very long while.


We went there for lunch, and they were serving mostly Mana’eesh, similar to a wrap and kulage, a griddled Arabic sandwich.

They were making their wraps and bread fresh in the restaurant, and they were really tasty.

It totally brought me back to the memory of having delicious shawarma in Cairo.

The wrap was soft, thin, crisp and fresh.

Strong enough to hold the tasty content, and thin enough to let the content shine.


For the wraps, Mana’eesh, we shared a fleifleh, the wrap with hot pepper paste and sesame, with the addition of shish taouk, marinated grill chicken.

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