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La Bodega and Tender at the Bone

We almost missed La Bodega as it was tucked away in a nook of a building.

Once I saw the store, it made me smile.

The color and lights filled the space with a tropical atmosphere among gray Pacific Northwest office buildings.


The space was small, and was packed with seats for about 20 people.

The menu included sandwiches, empanadas, and all the sandwiches could be made into rice dishes as gluten free options.

I had the signature Puerco asado, and had to try the yucca flour empanadas which La Bodega had highly touted its wheat free property.

The empanadas was amazingly crispy with yucca flour.

The skin was very thin and a little grainy.

There were 3 different fillings for the empanadas for the day, and I had the beef picadillo.

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Tempero do Brasil

Just realized all these years living in the Seattle area, I had not ventured beyond NE 52nd Street in the University District.

Tempero do Brasil led me to this area.


Hid among apartment buildings was a little house, Brazilian flag proudly hung at the store front.

Stumbled across the restaurant on yelp and was delighted that there was a Brazilian restaurant selling non-grill meat feast.

A look at the menu brought back memories of our trip to the vibrant country.

The chef was from Salvador, Bahia region, where we were lucky to spend several days in.

We got cashew juice to reminisce our time in the country that was so full of life and rich in resources.

Cashew juice was one of the new food to try when we were there.

It had its unique flavor – I could only describe it as a little passion fruit-like without the tartness, and a note of ripe banana and pineapple.

The beige cloudy juice was sweet, delicious and smooth, just how I remembered it from Brazil.

Cashew juice was extracted from cashew apples, the flesh part attached to the cashew nut that we were familiar with in the US.

For appetizer, we had the salted cod croquettes, bolinho de bacalhau.

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Oaxaca and B and O Espresso

La Carta de Oaxaca was my favorite Mexican restaurant in Seattle.

Most of my visiting friends and relatives from Hong Kong did not like the Americanized Mexican food because they were quite greasy with large amount of cheese and sour cream.

Inevitably, every time someone new visiting from Hong Kong or Asia, I would bring them to Oaxaca to for some authentic Mexican food.

Oaxaca had changed the minds of many of my friends and relatives.

Many of them had asked for a repeat visit to Oaxaca when they visited again.


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La Isla

Brought my parents to La Isla since they never had Puerto Rican food before.

I had been to La Isla long time ago at the Ballard location, and the new one in Redmond just opened under a year ago.

Taking into account of preferences and dietary restrictions, we ended up getting empanadillas, ceviche, tripleta sandwich, a seafood soup and maduros on the side.

L: seafood soup with tostones -- M: tripleta -- R: Maduros

L: seafood soup with tostones — M: tripleta — R: Maduros

The seafood soup was a hit for my parents, surprisingly with my Dad since he was generally a “meat-kind-of guy”.

The soup had plenty of salmon and shrimps, bright lime flavor and probably cilantro as well.

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