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L.A. Food Finds Part I

Los Angeles, a foodie paradise with diverse offerings — from delicious food trucks, to farmers’ markets, to elegant Michelin-starred restaurants, options are endless.

Unlike Washington, with L.A. situated in the warm area of the country, farmers markets are opened all-year round.

My top 2 locations to visit was the Grand Central Market and The Original Farmers Market, and I was surprised to see that both locations did not have as many fresh produce and meat vendors as I thought, but with lots of food vendors.

At Grand Central Market, Eggslut and McConnell’s Ice Cream were the local recommendations.

It was no joke that Eggslut was popular.

We found the line went around Eggslut’s store parameter.


back side of the line


front of the store, which was the end of the line

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Geo’s Cuban and Creole

I used to go around town looking for the best burger for my father, which he had ultimately settled on Red Mill; now, we are finding ourselves going around town looking for the best Cuban sandwich.

We used to really like Mojito on Lake City Way.

Even though their Cuban sandwich was one of the best I had in town, we got tired of driving all the way there to find them close when they were supposed to be opened.

The most recent good Cubano that I had was from Nue; and the search continues.

The wealth of knowledge from the world wide web pointed us to Geo’s Cuban and Creole.


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The celebration of international street foods is the theme at Nue.

Located in Capitol Hill neighborhood, Nue has a fun décor with many Asian-inspired artifacts in the restaurant.


Once walked in, the bustling open kitchen made the place very lively, recreating that sense of eating out on a street, surrounded by many street vendors.

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