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Stone Korean

I love Korean food because I love banchan, Korean side dishes.

Without going to Federal Way or Lynnwood area, which are both about 40 mins away, I believe Stone Korean is the best Korean restaurant on the east side.

One caveat, it does come with east side prices as well.


They have a great variety of banchan and all delicious.


My favorite are spinach and bean sprouts.

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Savor and Kimchi Amigos

Savor – mindful eating, mindful lifestyle was a book written by a monk and his follower.

I had to admit when I first put this book in my library queue, I did not expect the content that I eventually read.

The book was focused on using mindfulness to deal with over-eating and overweight problems.

Using Buddhist philosophy, the authors encouraged readers to look into themselves to understand the root cause of their over eating behavior.

A lot of the techniques and skills were common sense and wildly known theories; but with every day busy life we might have ignored.

For example, they recommended techniques to bring mindfulness into eating: noticed the feeling in the body after we consumed certain food, ate slowly and chewed our food.

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