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Where is a good place for lunch on Mondays when many restaurants are closed?

Revel in Fremont is a fun choice if you enjoy Asian fusion.

Sister restaurant to Trove and Joule, lunch/brunch/dinner is served 7 days a week at Revel.

Open kitchen with very minimalist design, Revel is casual,  lively with hip hop blasting through the roof.

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Three restaurants in one?  is it possible?

The concept of Trove is totally fun, and yes, 3 restaurants in one: an eye-catching parfait stand in the cutest truck lodged in the building, next to the front door leading to the noodle bar, and a huge Korean barbecue area at the back.


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The celebration of international street foods is the theme at Nue.

Located in Capitol Hill neighborhood, Nue has a fun décor with many Asian-inspired artifacts in the restaurant.


Once walked in, the bustling open kitchen made the place very lively, recreating that sense of eating out on a street, surrounded by many street vendors.

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