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Le Zinc


Went to try Le Zinc with our out-of-town friend.

Heard that it was opened by the same folks who owned Maximilien at Pike Place, a long-standing French restaurant in the area, I had high hopes that this place would be good!

I love the modern décor of the place.

It is another bustling and yet romantic outfit fit for Valentine’s day!

The bar was prominently featured when we walked in.


Immediately knew that they would serve absinth as I spotted the traditional absinth fountain at the bar.

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Le Pichet Revisited and GMO labeling

It was wonderful to visit Le Pichet again.  It had been a very long time.

Loved the great baguette with really delicious room temp butter (the refrigerated butter some places served really put a damper in the bread eating experience!  By the time I was able to smear butter on my bread, I would already destroy the bread itself!).

We had brandade for appetizer.  It had great flavors (although it was on the runny side), and the bread was grilled nice and crisp.


I got the special octopus and it was excellent!  The octopus was very tender and in a lovely saffron broth.  It was light and delicious.

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