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First 21.5 hours in Las Vegas

Yeah! Las Vegas!

We were infrequent travelers to Las Vegas (last time was probably 5-6 years ago), and it felt like everything changed so much every time we went — new places to walk to, to eat, to look at.

Although the first priority for this trip was shows, specifically Cirque de Soleil’s KA, and the Penn and Teller Show, no trip was complete without great food!

Since we had 43 hours total, rapid expansion of our stomaches were required; thank goodness we walked everywhere, at the least, we tried to increase our output for the input we enjoyed.

Every casino we walked through was still in Chinese New Year mode.

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Breakfast and Afternoon Teas in Portland

When in Portland, we ate like Hobbits — too little time yet so many great places!

The most excited find in my last Portland visit was Blue Star Donuts.


They were so good, I believe it will be the only donut I eat from now on!

Made with fresh fantastic local and organic (if possible) ingredients, the flavors offered were sophisticated.

“Melt in the mouth” would be used to describe these fresh fluffy donuts which gave way instantly in the mouth.

Even though there were only 3 of us, we bought 7 donuts — just could not fight the urge to try everything.

Our collective favorites were Valrhona chocolate crunch and passion fruit cocoa nib.

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Christmas at Leavenworth

Merry Christmas everyone!

One of the fun things to do around our area during the holiday is a trip to Leavenworth — our own Northwest Bavarian town.


Yes, some may say it is a little cheesy, and certainly a tourist trap; yet it is one of the most wonderful way to get into Christmas spirit especially with a group of friends.

Leavenworth is about 2-hour drive inland from Greater Seattle area.

It usually snows before the coastal Seattle area, adding another winter whimsical feel.


The town is super small, and honestly does not have much to do.

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Common Bond and Lucky’s Puccias

Common Bond — I heard my sister talked about it over and over, and we intended to visit on Monday but they were not opened.


Tuesday it was!

An awesome pastry place with simple, modern and elegant décor; Common Bond served pastries and hot breakfasts, desserts and lunch from their store, along with excellent coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice.

The minute we walked into the store, the pleasant buttery sweet pastry smell surrounded us immediately.


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