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Fed Up and Sweet Potato Chili

This food documentary was narrated by Katie Couric.

Her soothing voice guided us along a scary journey following 3 teenagers who were morbidly obese.

The solution to weight loss in America had been exercising, yet there was rarely any mention in governmental policy to change what we eat.

Film maker brought up the known fact that the food companies and industry were to blame with their continuous and inexhaustible advertising campaign on unhealthy food such as sugared cereal, sodas and convenient process food.

The food companies were compared to the tobacco companies in the way they used to advertise, and their refusal to admit potential health problems caused by cigarettes and tobacco. Sugary foods were all around us at check out counters in stores, and added in many processed food. Continue reading →

La Bodega and Tender at the Bone

We almost missed La Bodega as it was tucked away in a nook of a building.

Once I saw the store, it made me smile.

The color and lights filled the space with a tropical atmosphere among gray Pacific Northwest office buildings.


The space was small, and was packed with seats for about 20 people.

The menu included sandwiches, empanadas, and all the sandwiches could be made into rice dishes as gluten free options.

I had the signature Puerco asado, and had to try the yucca flour empanadas which La Bodega had highly touted its wheat free property.

The empanadas was amazingly crispy with yucca flour.

The skin was very thin and a little grainy.

There were 3 different fillings for the empanadas for the day, and I had the beef picadillo.

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Little Uncle and Comfort me with Apples


Heard so much rave about Little Uncle, I finally made it there in a gorgeous sunny afternoon!

We almost missed the store as the restaurant was actually at the basement, and only the name of the restaurant on a window was visible from street level.

Once we arrived at the bottom of the steps, it opened into this big cavernous space.

I loved the natural wood décor with rice bags lining the walls under the bar.

There were quite a few unique items on the menu.

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Sushi: The Global Catch and Il Corvo

Sushi: The Global Catch

The documentary presented the dilemma caused by increasing popularity of sushi around the world.

The first third to half of the movie was a little unfocused: started with interviews with famous sushi chefs in Japan and sushi chef apprenticeship; Tsukiji fish market auction and interviews with the auctioneers;  how the fish wholesaler picked fish, their skills and knowledge.

There was a part about traditional knife making; and a part on the history of Japanese Airlines when they used to import fish to Japan for sushi because they were carrying empty cargo back to Japan from foreign destinations.

The movie also followed fishermen, showcasing the different fishing method: line versus net.

From there on, the movie finally landed in the discussion of overfishing blue fin tuna, and its effect on the ecosystem.

There was the attempt internationally to limit tuna fishing but unfortunately seemed like the policing ability was low so illegal fishing were still prevalent.

There were interviews with entrepreneur farming blue fin tuna in the ocean using baby blue fin tuna, making the argument that it was more sustainable than current fishing practice.

However, this method did not address the fact that baby fish were still required and the fish were not living in their natural state and environment as they were netted or caged in.

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SOMM and Fuji Sushi

I loved this documentary about the journey to become Master Sommalier!

The movie followed 4 characters closely when they began to prepare for the certification examination for Master Sommelier diploma, the highest of all professional credential.

According to the website, in 40 years since the establishment of the Court of Master Sommelier as the international examination body, there were only 219 people who had become master sommelier.

There were 4 levels of certification for sommeilers, starting from intro, to certified, to advanced then master; this movie focused on the last step.

The exam consisted of 3 parts: written theory, tasting and service.

For the theory part, the characters in the movie indicated that the examiner could ask any obscure questions on anything about wine geography, production, storage, grapes, international wine laws, distillation methods of different liquors and even knowledge on cigar (seemingly unrelated to my layman’s eye).

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