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SOMM and Fuji Sushi

I loved this documentary about the journey to become Master Sommalier!

The movie followed 4 characters closely when they began to prepare for the certification examination for Master Sommelier diploma, the highest of all professional credential.

According to the website, in 40 years since the establishment of the Court of Master Sommelier as the international examination body, there were only 219 people who had become master sommelier.

There were 4 levels of certification for sommeilers, starting from intro, to certified, to advanced then master; this movie focused on the last step.

The exam consisted of 3 parts: written theory, tasting and service.

For the theory part, the characters in the movie indicated that the examiner could ask any obscure questions on anything about wine geography, production, storage, grapes, international wine laws, distillation methods of different liquors and even knowledge on cigar (seemingly unrelated to my layman’s eye).

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More Than Honey and Eastern Pearl

I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary More Than Honey.

The short 95-minute documentary was both educational and beautiful.

We could not live without bees – the little critters did their jobs for us to have vegetables and fruits.

It was quoted that Einstein said human would die about 4 years after bee extinction.

Bee colonies had been dying off in the past 15 years with unknown causes.

One piece of good news from this documentary was that perhaps there was hope for human being after all.

The movie followed the “bee business” from around the world.

It showcased traditional bee keeping in the Swiss Alps, a small and a large commercial bee keeper in the US.

I loved that the tone of the documentary was amazingly neutral and non-judgemental – viewers could draw their own conclusions and kept their own opinions on the styles of bee keeping, the bee keepers’ relationships with the bees, and their environmental impact.

Sprinkled in between the bee keepers were knowledge and current bee situations in other parts of the world.

The movie provided some possible causes for vanishing bee colonies.

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Lardo and Vegucated


On the way back from Portland, we stopped by Lardo for sandwiches.

I loved the place.  Food was quick and good.

One of the great sandwiches around town.

I had their pork belly, pork shoulder and pork meat ball sandwiches before, which were all excellent albeit a little gut bomb.

I opted for a vegetarian sandwich which I never had at Lardo.

They had about 3-4 vegetarian sandwiches there which was a lot more than many other places had to offer.


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Forks Over Knives and Teas

I enjoyed the movie “Forks over Knives”.  At times the facts were just plain scary.  The movie was a very sound reporting of 2 scientists’ (a surgeon and a nutritional scientist) research on the correlations of food and onset of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  The movie advocated a total plant-based diet, free of animal meats, eggs, milk and other dairy products.

I loved that the movie was fact-based; presented audience with both animal and human trial results.  It showed graphs and numbers from research that was done by the 2 scientists.  The most impressive was a massive China study that was done by the nutritional scientist, Dr. Campbell.  He collaborated with Chinese scientist to study the relationships between the occurrence of different chronic diseases and the specific diets of the regions.

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