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One World Restaurant

With everything seems so expensive nowadays in the Greater Seattle, can you believe you can get a gourmet three-course lunch for $18?

Starters including Dungeness crab panna cotta, and entrée choices include duck confit, rabbit saddle and ling cod?

There is only one criteria to enjoy this low-cost gourmet meal: present yourself at Seattle Central Community College’s One World Restaurant during fall, winter and spring quarters, between 11:15am to 12:45pm, every Tuesdays to Fridays.

The Seattle Culinary Academy is housed inside Seattle Central Community College, and has been offering culinary program since 1941: a six-quarter culinary arts program, and a five-quarter specialty desserts and breads program. Continue reading →

The Man Behind Pocket Bakery


Meet Josh.

Baker, entrepreneur, foodie, father and avid baseball fan, Josh Grunig is the brain child behind pop-up bakery Pocket Bakery in Central District.

Pocket Bakery has been growing inside Magpie Toy shop since August 2014, and will have a permanent home very soon … with your help!

The memory of his mother preparing home-cooked meals from scratch, including baked goods, while growing up is one of Josh’s fondest memories and inspiration to baking.  He also remembers the magic of visiting Italian bakery as a kid with their enticing display of sweets and breads.

Baking started in 2006 for Josh when he went to San Francisco Baking Institute.  In this past 9 years, he had worked in many prestigious places in the Bay Area until his relocation to Seattle in 2012.  He worked at Grand Central bakery until he went out on his own, and heeded the advice from a friend to start the pop-up, to create loyal following for his baked goods.

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NuTiger Organics Fresh Cashew Milk

Meet Lynnette.


Mother, nurse, entrepreneur, and the heart and soul behind NuTiger Organics cashew milk.

Business was not in Lynnette’s mind in the beginning.

Her daughter has eczema, and the doctor had recommended a reduction in dairy and gluten consumption.

Home-made cashew milk was Lynnette’s solution to her child’s need.

Not only that little Miss did not reject the cashew milk, she wanted more; so did people who had tried Lynnette’s cashew milk — and that was 2 years ago.

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