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Cakes Versus

The occasional craving for good cakes often left me lost in the Greater Seattle area.

I used to love Hiroki, but found them getting sweeter over time.

Fumi’s Gold is where I go now; they are better than Regent’s or Yummy House, but it is really not as good as Vancouver, or Japan, or Hong Kong; places like Hoffman’s, Macrina are all too sweet for me.

So, the hunt for great cakes continues; heard about TM Dessert Works, Petite Pierre Bakery and Coyle’s Bake Shop, all on the to-try list.

During my hunt, I came across Sugar Mountain Bakeshop and revisited Bakery Nouveau.

A quick to-go run yielded Caramello, Aphrodite and cherry almond pear tart from Bakery Nouveau.


L: Caramello — R: Aphrodite

I love the delicacy of Caramello: two different chocolate mousses on top, caramel, chocolate mousse again, chocolate cake, caramel, chocolate cake, and ended up with a super crunchy bottom with peanut butter flavor, such a texture trip!

Only downside was that it was too sweet.

The Aphrodite was equally as attractive as Caramello.

Nice white dome, with a mini Madeleine and edible petal on top.

First bite was a burst of bright lemon flavor; outside layer was similar to panna cotta, with tangy berry filling and sponge cake inside, super delicious.


Cherry almond pear tart had nice fresh and firm pears but with very little cherry or almond flavor.

It had a very thick crust; good, but not as wow as the cakes.

Another find was Sugar Mountain Bakeshop.

Located inside Pasta & Co. in University Village, it offers an array of desserts including cakes, tarts, cookies and brownies.


My first visit, we bought a carrot cake.


It was moist, with excellent, non-bitter, generous amount of walnuts.

Buttercream frosting was light and good; and this carrot cake was not too sweet.

We also bought a chocolate truffle cookie, it was way too sweet but with very nice dark chocolate and crumbly texture.

The second time, a coconut cake and passionfruit tart.


Coconut cake was delicious with excellent chewy texture from the shredded coconut and really enjoyed the sourness from the cream cheese; the cake itself was moist and creamy, with great flavors, but still too sweet.

Passionfruit tart had awesome crust, buttery and sturdy, and the zingy passionfruit flavor just burst right out of the mouth; tart and sweet with lots of blueberries, it was a very nice treat.

Both Bakery Nouveau’s and Sugar Mountain Bakeshop’s cakes were excellent, but in general, still too sweet for my taste; rest assured they are great options for the sweet tooth!

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