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Love Broder!


Small, intimate space serving up hearty Scandinavian food.

I wish we have a place like this in Seattle!

We were very hungry when we arrived.

Upon checking out the size of the dishes around us, we decided to order 3 dishes for the 2 of us to share.

I had the very dark chocolate as my drink.


I loved that it was not sweet at all; unfortunately it was not chocolatey enough for dark chocolate lover, it was very cocoa-ey without the mouthfeel and the creaminess of melted chocolate.

DH got the pytt i panna, swedish hash, with smoked trout.


I admired the perfectly cooked square eggs visual effect, and the hash had cubed potatoes, onions and peppers, with pickled beets on top.

The smoked trout was tender with lovely flavors, albeit a little salty.

The lightly toasted walnut bread had abundance of bitter walnuts in it – the dish was rustic, hearty and delicious.

I was eyeing the open face sandwich sampler including Skagen shrimp, gravlax and herring.WP_20140823_10_45_56_Pro

The sampler was awesome!

I could try multiple fillings, and it was a lot of filling on very small piece of bread which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Skagen shrimp was very fresh, crisp with lots of dill and onions; light, tart and tasty.

Gravalox was tender, moist with a light smoke flavor; the grain mustard gave the deep rich fish flavor a lift.

The herring in the salad was fatty, vinegary, soft and fishy.

I had almost all the tastes possibly detected by human tongue: sweet, salty, sour and natural umami from the fish.

I used to be impartial to herring until we tried the excellent ones in Amsterdam;  the Dutch herring changed my whole attitude towards these little fish.

The potato pancake was my choice of sides and it was out of this world!

Full of chives, it was crispy and very savory.

There was something meaty or fishy delivering umami taste in the potato pancake that made them addictive.

We had the intention to share the unnipurro, a Finnish porridge.

However, our eyes were way bigger than our stomach!

We ended up tasting it fresh there, and packed the bulk of it to go because we did not expect the small-size looking dishes were so hardy.


The porridge was unique.

Oats and grains were cooked, formed in cake shape, and baked until the top and bottom were dry and crisp.

The inside of the cake was of excellent chewy texture.

It sat on top of a mildly sweetened apple sauce, and served with warm cardamom scented milk and honey.

It had honest, floral but mild flavors.

The porridge brought me this imagery of living in a self sustainable log cottage out in the woods.

We sat at the bar area for our meal and it was fun — we absorbed that high energy, efficiency from the kitchen and watched plates after plates being delivered to customers.

We observed the process of making Danish pancakes, aebleskiver, over fire on these little muffin baking tray like mold; saw them rose, being turned, and finished off in the oven.


Broder is serving dinner now, and I will be there the next time I am in Portland!

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