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A Day in Olympia, WA

An hour drive away from Seattle lays Olympia, Washington State’s capital.

With population of about 50,000 people, Olympia nestles between the 2 large cities of Seattle and Portland, OR.

We were there for a day of racing and had a chance to visit the quaint downtown, and enjoyed pastries from Bread Peddler and dinner at the Iron Rabbit.


Early morning, I bought a few pastries to share with DH including my super delicious plump tomato goat cheese tart with juicy, partly dried tomatoes providing sweetness and tartness on an extremely buttery, flaky crust pastry bottom.


My second favorite was the cheese puff … it was truly a puff!

Completely airy inside when bit through, with slightly dried burnt cheese on top to provide a mild but addictive cheesy flavor.

The blueberry scone had generous amount of berries with good soft fluffy texture; and I had no clue how the apple fritter tasted like since DH devoured the whole piece!

Chocolate cookie, unfortunately, was a disappointment.

Color was dark, looking that it was going to deliver a punch of dark chocolate, yet it was not chocolatey enough and just sweet.

Texture was nice and chewy, regrettably, the flavor did not meet the visual expectation.

We were able to walk around the farmers market between meals, allowing myself to be fascinated by oyster and clam shuckers, lavender farm, indulged in the aromas of natural skin care products; oohing on the huge whole salmon for sale, and aahing on the jerky and meat store.

Dinner was at the Iron Rabbit — my encounter with a clever drink called Rainy Day Sangria!

Made with ingredients such as apple cider and prosecco, it was unmistakably apple with spices, yet with fruity characteristic of sangria from the addition of orange juice.

Light fizz, sweet, creative and dangerous — definitely one of those delicious drinks that one could consume without knowing they were drunk.

For food, I had a modified “Drunken Sailor”.


Blackened shrimp, salmon and cod originally with a rum cream sauce, side of mashed potato and garlic toasts.

Since I could not have dairy, I asked for it without sauce, with a side of melted butter and their NW BBQ sauce for the seafood just in case.

At the end, the blackened spices were so delicious that no melted butter was needed.

The mashed potato itself was not very smooth and a little on the dry end, but the blackened spiced oil made the mashed potato very tasty.

The garlic toast was crispy but not quite garlicky enough.

Pricey (drink and food for about $40 a person), probably because they used fantastic ingredients such as wild caught seafood and local sustainable meats; nothing was labeled organic though.

Staff was super friendly and accommodating for our large group; they made us feel very welcome.

Good meal in a small town, the next time I return to Olympia, I would like to try La Petite Maison and Dockside Bistro.

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