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Bombay House

A new vegetarian Indian Restaurant, Bombay House, opened up on the eastside — and was I glad!!!

I went there several times already, both for lunch and dinner, and both were fantastic!

Lunch was buffet with a very nice spread of curries, rice, soup and a decent all-you-can-drink-chai.


I love that they have a few “fusion Indian” dishes with the usage of tofu rather than paneer, which was rare among Indian restaurants, and excellent vegan option.

The day I was there for the buffet, they had their spinach shorba, a dairy base spinach soup that was just out of this world.

I went for dinner another time with my friends.


I ordered my favorite Punjabi Saag, which tasted very different from usual Saag.

Aside from the common and usual ingredients, spinach, in Saag, it also had mustard leaves and fenugreek leaves.

The resulting dish had more texture than the standard spinach ones which were generally more soggy; and the flavors from the other vegetables made the dish uniquely tasty.

We also had the Tarka yellow dal, tofu vindaloo, and vegetable masala, and they were all delicious along with the fluffy naan bread.

Another time, we got to try mushroom Jalfrazie which was amazingly delicious with all the spices and super spicy!

Most intriguing was the Pashawari naan.

It had coconut, raisins and cashews stuffed in the naan, the sweetness and fruitiness still went amazingly well with the curries, it was an eye-opener!

DH loved their home-made Bombay Lime with fresh lime juice and spices, mostly cardamom, with club soda.

I love their plain vegetable soup.

It was a curry soup with vegetables, quite spicy and garlicky.

I could really drink a large amount of it!

The price point was a little high for dinner or a-la-carte.

All the main courses were over $10.

I was too hungry waiting for my friend and got the Papadam, and it was $3 for a very small portion.

The food was delicious enough and the price point was not high enough to deter me from going.

The lunch buffet was still a steal at $9.95!

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