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Body Lotion and more Sun Protection


Finally used up Avalon Organics – Hand & Body Lotion Lavender (EWG rating of 5).  I made a mistake buying this without checking EWG (believing it was a recognized brand and “organic” that it could not go wrong), and was disappointed later when I discovered it had a moderate hazard rating.  I have learnt over time that not only I have to check each new product I intend to purchase with EWG, I have to check EWG every time I repurchase products I am already using.  Companies constantly reformulate.  A new formulation sometimes increases or decreases a product’s hazardous level.

After I found out about the Avalon Organics’ lavender lotion, I was going to purchase their unscented version.  At the time I was doing research, the unscented had low rating (EWG rating 2).  Since then, the company has reformulated and now it has a moderate rating (EWG rating 3).

Normally I use Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion 2/18oz  (EWG rating of 2, $9.59 for 12oz., and can be cheaper at Costco).  It is cheap and good.  However, I do find it feels sticky on the skin on warm summer days.  After spending lots of time researching, I have settled with Acure Organics Energizing Body lotion (EWG rating of 1, $8.49 for 8 oz.).  It is more expensive than Aveeno but it is lighter on the skin and still leaves the skin feeling hydrated.  Personally living in the NW, we treasure our far and few hot days.  I figure I will use the Acure Organics lotion in small quantity, and I can justify the spending.

Another good candidate is EO Everyday Body Lotion, French Lavender, 8-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)  (EWG rating of 2, $6.19 for 8 oz.).  The only down side is this lotion takes a long time to absorb.  I have to rub it into the skin deliberately, and cannot lazily put it on with board-stroke.

I have mostly been listing lavender products because DH and I both like lavender.  These products offer other scents as well but be sure to check with EWG.  Sometimes different scent ends up with different ratings.

Finally, more on sun protection.  Recently purchased Devita products and LOVE them!  I use the Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30 2.5 oz  (EWG rating of 1, $14.99 for 2.5oz.) for face and Devita Natural Skin Care Solar Body Moisturizer SPF 30 + — 7 fl oz (EWG rating of 1, $18.39 for 8 oz.).  Both products have SPF 30.  Both products feel really light and smooth on the body, smells good and goes on the skin really easily.  I am still my normal skin color!  This is not a sports product, and it is not sweat or water proof.  I use it on regular work days so I have sun protection in the car or running errands.  I hope the company will keep their formulations or formulate for better!  Good products are hard to find!

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