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BBQ versus

When I worked down by SODO, Pecos Pit’s pulled pork was my order.

Recently, I was able to visit Bitterroot for NW BBQ.


Lovely rustic decor, Bitterroot felt like an upscale BBQ joint with probably all food made from scratch.

As expected, many varieties of BBQ meats on the menu, and I shall be returning with my meat-loving father.

Mac n cheese looked really intriguing, but I am reserving that for my next visit when my folks are in town.

Our plan was to shared food so my friend and I could try as much as 2 girls’ stomach could fit.

Between the 2 of us, we had fried catfish and pulled pork, with side of Brussels sprouts with rosemary, glazed root vegetables, corn bread and baked beans.


Fried catfish was delicious!

Very light, with an uncommonly hard corn meal shell, the fish itself was a high contrast to the shell — moist and soft, really good.

Pulled pork was smoky, moist and flavorful; the nicely sour pickled onions were a great pairing to the meat.

Bitterroot makes their own BBQ sauces; one chipotle sauce, which was very hot and vinegary; and another sweet BBQ sauce made with Coca Cola.

I had never thought of using rosemary with Brussels sprouts, and it had really nice flavor profile — have to try that combination at home.

The tasty glazed turnips and carrots were sweet and savory at the same time; vegetarian baked beans though was too sweet with predominantly molasses flavor, and a douse of liquid smoke.

It tasted exactly like when I made vegan baked beans at home when I had to rely on liquid smoke for flavor – a disconnect and imbalance smoky flavor without meat.

Rustic, grainy and rough would be the terms to describe the corn bread.

It was served with a nice creamy honey butter, but without it was quite bland and dry.

Verdict: with what we had, meat was good with mixed reviews on the sides.

Then, there is Roro.


Less fancy, and has been around for almost 10 years, we first stumbled into the store when then Elemental in the neighborhood was closed for a private event.


L: pulled pork sandwich — R: BBQ sundae and cornbread with portabella mushrooms, both topped with Seattle Succotash

Our favorite is their NW side addition call Seattle Succotash: a cold mix of edamame, roasted corn, red peppers, red onions and black beans, heavily accented with cilantro, full of flavors, fresh and healthy.

DH pulled pork was tender although not very smoky, with buns that were soft and nice, probably not from scratch.

My BBQ sundae was fun with a choice of meat, layered in a bowl with 2 sides.

Portabello mushrooms is an option for meat at Roro’s to take care of our NW needs.

Aside from Succotash, I had baked beans and it was super delicious with generous chunks of meats in it; corn bread was sweet and moist — I wish it was a bigger piece.

What about authentic BBQ experience in the South?

Rudy’s was the place my sister brought us to in Houston TX.


Not the best in TX, but that was what my sister knew.

Meats were sold by the pound and not by plate order; all meat offering with no chance of fish or mushrooms as main course.


I loved the way to eat at Rudy’s: food came out in large plastic crate, no plate, just wax paper on the table.


We had little bit of everything: brisket, prime rib, ribs and pulled pork that day with sides of coleslaw, potato salad and green chile stew.

All-you-can-eat white bread from a plastic bread was part of the meal, and we were being served with a stack of them.

First meats.

Brisket was moist, soft and delicious – the best of the 4 meats, while the prime rib was a little on the bland side; pulled pork was smoky and tender and the ribs were tasty.

The sides were nothing to rave about except the green chile stew was delicious with strands of meat and a hearty spicy broth.

One note was their BBQ sauce, it is very tasty with a not-so-clean ingredient unfortunately.

Realize that I am spoiled by our Northwest consciousness of healthy eating, I have picked the right place to live.

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