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Arashi Ramen

On the main street of Southcenter Parkway, the new Arashi Ramen was in a strip mall with its “Grand Opening” sign visible.

WP_20140914_12_10_57_ProI loved the décor inside the restaurant — simple with many wood details that made the place comfortable and elegant.


On the menu, there were appetizers and a few different ramen to choose from.

All the ramen was made with the tonkotsu, pork bone soup base.

It was touted that Arashi Ramen had hired a Japanese chef to prepare their broth.

With my party, we had the honey garlic chicken karaage for appetizer.


The only difference between this and the regular karaage was the drizzle of I believe, honey garlic sauce.

Unfortunately the extra flavor impact was minimal.

The karaage were marinated well but was not as crispy as I liked them — the dish was so-so.

We had 3 different ramen to try.

First was my friend’s shio ramen.


The broth was most definitely rich, thick and creamy.

Fairly sure that if the broth was refrigerated, it would gel in no time from the long hours of cooking pork bones down with disintegrated connective tissues.

However, I did not enjoy the gamey pork flavor that was in the soup, which was very apparent in the soup’s pure form (shio).

The chashu were very tender and quite fatty, but very thin.

The noodle in the shio ramen was the thinner kind.

One note though, the egg was excellent.

Of the recent ramen restaurants additions: Santouka, Jin Ya and now Arashi, this was the first egg I was happy with – creamy but not overly runny egg yolk that was not raw still; shiny orangy-yellow with mild soy sauce flavor — just perfect.

The kimchi miso ramen was very spicy and with delicious flavor.


A little on the salty side, and the gamey pork flavor was covered by miso and kimchi.

The meat was the end chunks of chashu which were a little dry but with great flavor.

The noodle was the thicker kind, but DH said it was undercooked for him.

The egg was also excellent and accompanied by corn, green onions and bean sprouts.

I got the Tan Tan Ramen.


Wonderful garlicky sesame paste was added to the broth which again covered the gamey pork flavor.

This version was served with tender soft ground pork, fresh green onion and bean sprouts.

Also a little salty and my thick ramen noodle was overcooked.

Seemed like they were experiencing inconsistency in cooking ramen.

My friend also found his broth not hot enough; and in general, I found all the soup bases quite salty.

Arashi ramen was decent; however, with Santouka being my closest option by distance, I probably would not drive to Tukwila specially for this.

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