99% Food, 1% Skin


The Chinese food scene in Seattle has been slowly improving.

Remembering the times in early 90s when I first moved to this area, I was visiting Vancouver, B.C. every month to get decent Chinese food.

Now, we have Din Tai FungFacing East, and Little Sheep that I believe are on par with what Vancouver has to offer, and Jade Garden and Top Gun, albeit not the best, but decent.

When it comes to Chinese barbeque, in the 90s, I was a frequent customer of King’s Barbeque; again, not the best, but edible, and most of their barbeque products were better than Kau Kau’s at the time.

I remembered their roast duck was great, but no one at the time was able to make good barbeque pork; my supply were from barbeque shops in Richmond, B.C.

Until several years back, our friend told us about then the new 663 Bistro.


Now, it is the default bbq place I go for roasted pork and barbeque pork in Seattle.


Roasted pork skin were crispy, and the perfectly salted pork meat were tender with fatty layer, as it should be.


I recently went during weekday, which I almost never did before, and found that the roasted pork was not as fresh, and there were fewer slabs to choose from; going there on the weekends was fantastic, and a different experience — lots of customers keeping the meat fresh and turn over fast.

Their barbeque pork was tender and soft, with great honey sweet and salty flavor.

I ate at 663 once long time ago and had not returned since; the meal was not memorable at all.

Lately, I felt like some good chow fun, and thought perhaps I would give 663 a go again.

We got the beef chow fun, XO sauce eggplant braised rice noodle, house special crispy noodle, crab meat fish maw soup, and a soup noodle with dumpling, fish tofu and fish fillet.

To sum it all, it was fairly disappointing.

The beef chow fun was ok, flavor was good, but many noodles were white with no sauce; beef was tender enough.


There was not much eggplant in the braised noodle although XO sauce flavor was decent.


Soup was sad as well, it was absolutely too thick with too much cornstarch, not a lot of crab meat; they put in some fish roes in the soup which was too delicate to be cooked, resulting in an overcooked dry bunch of roes in the soup.


The house crispy noodle was really crispy, but not much protein in the sauce.

WP_20150819_14_06_19_Pro WP_20150819_14_06_38_Pro

I did not try the soup noodle at all, so no comment on that.


Unfortunately to say, I will stick with Chinese barbeque products from 663 and will not be eating there again.

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