La Teranga

Continued my education on African food, I found La Teranga, a Senegalese restaurant in Columbia City.

Located on the main street of Rainier Ave, the restaurant was still easy to miss because it was tiny!


Even though there were 4 square 4-people table inside the restaurant, it truly sat 8 people total comfortably.

I loved that it was so intimate and the tantalizing aromas from the kitchen emanated through the place.

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Portland Food Find – Hot Lips Pizza

My longing to visit Portland was finally fulfilled!

Although we had been to Portland many times, we had not done much touristy activities.

This time we drove along the Columbia River historic scenic drive, and it really was gorgeous.







Of course, no trip to Portland was complete without awesome food.

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SOMM and Fuji Sushi

I loved this documentary about the journey to become Master Sommalier!

The movie followed 4 characters closely when they began to prepare for the certification examination for Master Sommelier diploma, the highest of all professional credential.

According to the website, in 40 years since the establishment of the Court of Master Sommelier as the international examination body, there were only 219 people who had become master sommelier.

There were 4 levels of certification for sommeilers, starting from intro, to certified, to advanced then master; this movie focused on the last step.

The exam consisted of 3 parts: written theory, tasting and service.

For the theory part, the characters in the movie indicated that the examiner could ask any obscure questions on anything about wine geography, production, storage, grapes, international wine laws, distillation methods of different liquors and even knowledge on cigar (seemingly unrelated to my layman’s eye).

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Coconut Chia Seed Muffin and Dakshin

First time using coconut flour!

Since I knew nothing about it, the safest bet was to follow the recipe on the packaging.

I made coconut chia seed muffins with blueberries.

WP_20140827_17_30_01_ProNo recipe at this time because I did not feel the muffins were the best — experimentation still required.

The coconut muffins came out to have very interesting texture.

It was soft and airy but springy at the same time.

The coconut flour packaging had touted its high fiber content.

Coupled with chia seeds which also had high fiber content, the muffins were very fibrous, as if I was chewing celery.

If a muffin could be crunchy, I would have used that term!

I had adjusted the sweetness for personal preference so it was not too sweet.

Using the coconut flour was difficult.

The recipe called for sifting the flour first.

However, fibrous flour had high particle size which made it extremely difficult to sift.

I stood sifting until I ran out of patience, and had DH helped me sifted while I prepared other ingredients!


beige color coconut flour


resulting dough that was quite runny

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Savor and Kimchi Amigos

Savor – mindful eating, mindful lifestyle was a book written by a monk and his follower.

I had to admit when I first put this book in my library queue, I did not expect the content that I eventually read.

The book was focused on using mindfulness to deal with over-eating and overweight problems.

Using Buddhist philosophy, the authors encouraged readers to look into themselves to understand the root cause of their over eating behavior.

A lot of the techniques and skills were common sense and wildly known theories; but with every day busy life we might have ignored.

For example, they recommended techniques to bring mindfulness into eating: noticed the feeling in the body after we consumed certain food, ate slowly and chewed our food.

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Brave Horse Tavern

With friend’s suggestion, we went to Brave Horse Tavern.

First thing first — drinks!

It was a very warm day in Seattle and we had been outdoor all day.

We were lucky to sneak right in just before happy hour ended, and got our drinks 1/2 off!


l had a fizzy drink with mixed berry cider, rose wine and soda water thinking it would be easy to drink and refreshing — it was very strong.

The rose wine was very dry and the drink was not sweet at all.

Without food, I was getting drunk pretty quickly.

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