99% Food, 1% Skin

My Amazing Adventure at the Willows Inn

*WARNING: this is a long post.  I let myself go — geeked out and talked about the whole meal.  For this once in a life time experience, I want this to be a record for myself too.  Enjoy.


My friend told me how wonderful their dinner was at the Willows Inn, I was 100% sure that one day I would make it there.

Then, their chef, ,Blaine Wetzel, won the James Beard award for Rising Star Chef in 2014; I knew I was 150% sure I was going to the Willows Inn very soon.

Before food, there were a few hurdles to conquer.

First, to stay or not to stay?

I did not spawn to action immediately chasing after this promising food adventure because the journey was going to be long for 1 meal.

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Nate’s Wings and Waffles

Adventure to a uncharted neighborhood:  Rainier Beach, where Nate’s wings and waffles is located.

Northeast to Sea-Tac airport, it seems so far away from Seattle.

But, what is not to like about wings and waffles?

It was long overdue for us to check this place out.

Opened by famous basketball player, Nate Robinson, his jerseys are on display in the store.

Food offering is fairly simple: wings, chicken tenders and waffles for the most part, with sliders and sides.

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Following the address to have dinner at Shaker+Spear, we got thoroughly confused as we arrived at the doorstep of the new Palladian Hotel in downtown, with no sign of the restaurant.

Upon inquiry, the kind doorman led us through the hotel to the restaurant; I had not a clue that Shaker+Spear is a hotel restaurant!

The path to the restaurant was interestingly dark because of the usage of black walls and ceiling.

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Fish and Chips Versus

With Seattle being a seafood town, one would think that we must have many fish and chips specialty joints; yet I can only think of Spud, Pike Street Fish Fry, Nosh and Chippy’s, the new addition by Ethan Howell.

Yelp confirmed my suspicion, with search returned about 9 fish and chips (grills and pubs not counting) specialty shops.

I went to Pike Street Fish Fry long time ago and remembered not liking it, and never went back.

Nosh has been on my to-try list for a very long time, and I was very happy to find out that they are in downtown Bellevue food truck pod every Monday.


Nosh the truck with their raspberry and mint Arnold Palmer

While looking up where to eat on Mercer Island, I found that there is a highly rated fish and chips place called Freshy’s.

So, the most important question: between Nosh the truck and Freshy’s, whose fish and chips reign supreme (tipping my hat to Iron Chef)?

Hands down Nosh.

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