99% Food, 1% Skin

My Amazing Adventure at the Willows Inn

*WARNING: this is a long post.  I let myself go — geeked out and talked about the whole meal.  For this once in a life time experience, I want this to be a record for myself too.  Enjoy.


My friend told me how wonderful their dinner was at the Willows Inn, I was 100% sure that one day I would make it there.

Then, their chef, ,Blaine Wetzel, won the James Beard award for Rising Star Chef in 2014; I knew I was 150% sure I was going to the Willows Inn very soon.

Before food, there were a few hurdles to conquer.

First, to stay or not to stay?

I did not spawn to action immediately chasing after this promising food adventure because the journey was going to be long for 1 meal.

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Vietnamese Bun Versus

Bun is the cold Vietnamese noodle salad that are commonly seen in many Vietnamese restaurants around town.

Pho Bahn Mi opened up in Redmond, adding another Vietnamese restaurant option.

The oldest Vietnamese restaurant in that area is probably Pho Hoa, which recently underwent a full face lift, and added a bubble tea counter called Jazen Tea.

My usual Bun is the option with fried roll and grilled pork.

How do the 2 Bun from Pho Bahn Mi and Pho Hoa stack up?

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Vegan Sunchoke Broccoli Kale Soup

Our latest favorite is this sunchoke soup.

The idea came from using the broccoli stems left from stir-frying only the florets (looked prettier on the plate), and the kale stems from kale chips.

This soup is super high in fiber, healthy and delicious!

There is the addition of Remy Martin XO because I love the flavors and aromas of it in cooking, even though I never drink it straight.

Give it a try!

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Parfait and Food Chain

Just released in Netflix, I was expecting to watch a movie on the usual food related subjects such as animal mistreatment, environmental damages, unhealthy American diet and neglect from agriculture etc.

I was pleasantly surprised that this documentary was about the social impact on people, specifically farm workers.

It was about the historic exploitation of different migrant farm worker group, and the documentary gave an overview of the current supply chain structure that had perpetuated this exploitation.

The tomato industry was the focus for this movie, but problems existed all across our different agricultural products including grape harvesting for California vineyards.

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