99% Food, 1% Skin

My Amazing Adventure at the Willows Inn

*WARNING: this is a long post.  I let myself go — geeked out and talked about the whole meal.  For this once in a life time experience, I want this to be a record for myself too.  Enjoy.


My friend told me how wonderful their dinner was at the Willows Inn, I was 100% sure that one day I would make it there.

Then, their chef, ,Blaine Wetzel, won the James Beard award for Rising Star Chef in 2014; I knew I was 150% sure I was going to the Willows Inn very soon.

Before food, there were a few hurdles to conquer.

First, to stay or not to stay?

I did not spawn to action immediately chasing after this promising food adventure because the journey was going to be long for 1 meal.

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Last 11 hours in Las Vegas

The last 11 hours was all about Bouchon.

In Las Vegas, there is Bouchon Bistro and Bouchon Bakery, both in the Venetian.

Being part of the Thomas Keller empire which includes the famous French Laundry in Yountville and Per Se in New York, Bouchon Bistro is the casual dining option, with shops in New York, Las Vegas, Yountville and Beverley Hills.

We woke up early and hiked to Bouchon Bistro which is secretly tucked away on the 4th floor of the Venetian, away from the casino and away from the busy lobby.

The stunning red sign showed us of our arrival; with very high ceiling, the space was almost cavernous with decor reminiscing real Parisian bistros.

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Three restaurants in one?  is it possible?

The concept of Trove is totally fun, and yes, 3 restaurants in one: an eye-catching parfait stand in the cutest truck lodged in the building, next to the front door leading to the noodle bar, and a huge Korean barbecue area at the back.


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Double P Sandwiches

Paseo and Pecos Pit!

Both sandwich places are iconic for the Seattle area: down to earth, no-frills, cheap and good eats; one serves up Caribbean sandwiches and plates, the other, BBQ.

After all the drama, Paseo is officially back in business, in the same location, with the same long line, and the same plastic chairs.

We went to check out if the sandwiches were just as I remembered, and they were: garlicky and extremely messy to eat.


DH had their famous Caribbean roast with marinated pork shoulders, and I, fish of the day.

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First 21.5 hours in Las Vegas

Yeah! Las Vegas!

We were infrequent travelers to Las Vegas (last time was probably 5-6 years ago), and it felt like everything changed so much every time we went — new places to walk to, to eat, to look at.

Although the first priority for this trip was shows, specifically Cirque de Soleil’s KA, and the Penn and Teller Show, no trip was complete without great food!

Since we had 43 hours total, rapid expansion of our stomaches were required; thank goodness we walked everywhere, at the least, we tried to increase our output for the input we enjoyed.

Every casino we walked through was still in Chinese New Year mode.

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