99% Food, 1% Skin

Timpano First Attempt

A while back, knowing I was a foodie, my friend recommended me to watch “Big Night“, a movie from 1996 about two Italian brothers, one chef, one manager, trying to make their restaurant work in America.

The movie was a lot about food, and one of the dish showcased in the movie was Timpano — a baked pasta dish that looked amazingly stunning and interesting, decided to test the recipe.

In my opinion, Timpano is best described as a pasta cake: an outer pasta sheet encasing more pasta, meatballs, salami, eggs, cheese and sauce.

I consult 2 recipes: one from New York Times and one from Food Network.

Initial glance at the recipes looked so daunting, with many elements to make from scratch: outer pasta skin, meatballs, sauce; I settled with store bought meat balls and tomato sauce to save some time for this test of concept, and I made half the recipe in case of disaster.


Outer pasta dough was easy to put together (I used the New York Times dough recipe), but was not easy to make thin — specially I am not a pro in dough-making. Continue reading →



With the great experience I had at Hapa in Vancouver, next on the list is Kingyo.

First impression was not great.

The phone reservation left me feeling very unwelcome, as if I was given a giant favor for my table reservation when I was the one bringing in business?

In a nutshell, Kingyo has a 2-hour dining policy; instead of sharing that nicely over the phone, the staff was rude.

Needless to say, felt like the food really needed to be very good for me to return.

First up, salmon carpaccio.


Fresh, nicely textured Sockeye salmon, with fried garlic chips and crunchy sprouts; similar to sister restaurant Suika, there was too much sauce (actually a tasty pesto soy dressing) which covered the great quality ingredient. Continue reading →


The restaurant scene is ever evolving in the Seattle area, and new ones seems to be popping up left and right.

Pomerol was listed on the local magazine as one of the up and coming, let’s check it out!


Located in Fremont, Pomerol opens for dinner only seven days a week, with the first opening hour as their Happy Hour slot.

With our big group dining, we started off with chicken wings, coddled egg with foie gras, grilled octopus and arugula salad; and big plates of beef short ribs, steak frites and shrimp pasta.

My favorite of all the dishes was the sticky, spicy and yummy chicken wings. Continue reading →

Sushi Kappo Tamura

Sushi Kappo Tamura has been a staple in Seattle’s sushi scene for a very long time.

Their primary focus was to serve fresh and seasonal local food in the restaurant.

Although not a truly sustainable sushi restaurant, Sushi Kappo Tamura has tried to educate through listing sustainable fish options in their menu.

We went there long time ago, and found their prices quite high, and had not returned — until recently that I found out they do brunch on the weekend!

I always love Japanese breakfast: with congee, pickled vegetables, simple grilled fish, stew meat or vegetables, a complete, delicious and satisfying meal; I was looking for something like that in Kappo Tamura.

Brunch menu was simple with gozen, sushi combinations and a noodle.

The choice was obvious for me, and my sister.

I went for the Hiru Gozen with braised Wagyu beef and sashimi, and she went for Asa Gozen with grilled salmon.

DH stuck with his favorite, sushi combination.

When food arrived, the Hiru Gozen was presented beautifully. Continue reading →