99% Food, 1% Skin

Eating in Curaçao, Dutch Antilles

I wish I could eat in each one of the countries we visited on the cruise!

In reality, I knew it would be difficult to get my hands on local foods for one reason or another.

In the Bahamas, we were dropped off at a secluded part of an island basically ran by the staff of the cruise ship – no local food.

In Aruba, everything near the strip off the port was touristy.

There were quite a few eateries but they were serving sandwiches, pizza and pasta.

Colombia and Costa Rica were challenging because we only have enough time to tour but not enough to eat locally.

A Glimpse of Street Food Life in Cartagena, Colombia  L: fruit vendor -- R Top: sweet cookies snacks -- R bottom: orange juice vendor

A Glimpse of Street Food Life in Cartagena, Colombia
L: fruit vendor — R Top: sweet cookies snacks — R bottom: orange juice vendor

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Fisherman’s Terrace

Richmond, B.C. is a Chinese food paradise.

Many credited the waves of Hong Kong immigrants for making that happened.

In fact, many Hong Kong people believe that Chinese food in Richmond, B.C. is better than those in Hong Kong.

One of these fantastic restaurants is Fisherman’s Terrace.

For as long as I can remember, I have always gone to Fisherman’s Terrace; it is my grandparents’ favorite place.

It is never a problem getting reservation because the restaurant folks know my grandparents with their years of patronage.

I don’t know if I get better food because of grannies, but I have always enjoy their dinner meals and dim sum lunch.

A friend thought of this place negatively; personally, I have sent friends there to eat and they seemed to enjoy it.

This last visit, we went for their seafood set dinner.

First came a seafood bird’s nest soup.


The flavor brought me back instantly to Chinese banquets that I used to attend growing up in Hong Kong — it had the same flavor as the shark fin soup, except with scallops and shrimps and bird’s nest.

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The Chinese food scene in Seattle has been slowly improving.

Remembering the times in early 90s when I first moved to this area, I was visiting Vancouver, B.C. every month to get decent Chinese food.

Now, we have Din Tai FungFacing East, and Little Sheep that I believe are on par with what Vancouver has to offer, and Jade Garden and Top Gun, albeit not the best, but decent.

When it comes to Chinese barbeque, in the 90s, I was a frequent customer of King’s Barbeque; again, not the best, but edible, and most of their barbeque products were better than Kau Kau’s at the time.

I remembered their roast duck was great, but no one at the time was able to make good barbeque pork; my supply were from barbeque shops in Richmond, B.C.

Until several years back, our friend told us about then the new 663 Bistro.


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Hollywood Tavern

Woodinville, Washington’s satellite wine country, is fun and nice to visit.

Even though majority of Washington’s wine grapes are grown in Eastern Washington, many wineries situate their tasting rooms in Woodinville.

Being only about 20 miles away from Seattle, its easy access makes it a prime tourist spot; where there are tourists, there are eateries.

The most famous has to be one of the top restaurants in the U.S., Herbfarm; along with Barking FrogPurple Cafe and The Commons.

This time I got to try Hollywood Tavern.

Hollywood Tavern has a welcoming and approachable ambience with its ample comfortable outdoor seating, a large bar and an open, airy dining room.

WP_20150722_12_11_25_Pro WP_20150722_12_12_39_Pro

My friend pointed me here to have their burger; coincidentally, I also read up about their crispy chicken burger which pays a homage to the previous establishment, Mable’s Tavern; they are also famous for their home-made softserve.

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Geo’s Cuban and Creole

I used to go around town looking for the best burger for my father, which he had ultimately settled on Red Mill; now, we are finding ourselves going around town looking for the best Cuban sandwich.

We used to really like Mojito on Lake City Way.

Even though their Cuban sandwich was one of the best I had in town, we got tired of driving all the way there to find them close when they were supposed to be opened.

The most recent good Cubano that I had was from Nue; and the search continues.

The wealth of knowledge from the world wide web pointed us to Geo’s Cuban and Creole.


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WP_20150712_20_14_11_ProPortland’s eating scene is so much fun and diverse.

After enjoying eateries such as Broder, Le Pigeon and Viking Soul Food, Kachka is my new love.

A Russian, Eastern European restaurant, Kachka features some iconic dishes such as cabbage rolls, and Russian/Ukrainian dumplings pelmeni or vareniki, with emphasis of lots of vodka.

In fact, a full huge page of different imported vodka from Russia, Europe, or our new world vodka from America.

Since I was the DD, my focus was on food, and I was thoroughly impressed: everything I had was really good.

The most stunning dish was the seven-layer appetizer called “herring under a fur coat”.

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