Eating in Curaçao, Dutch Antilles

I wish I could eat in each one of the country we visited on the cruise!

In reality, I knew it would be difficult to get my hands on local foods for one reason or another.

In the Bahamas, we were dropped off at a secluded part of an island basically ran by the staff of the cruise ship – no local food.

In Aruba, everything near the strip off the port was touristy.

There were quite a few eateries but they were serving sandwiches, pizza and pasta.

Colombia and Costa Rica were challenging because we only have enough time to tour but not enough to eat locally.

A Glimpse of Street Food Life in Cartagena, Colombia  L: fruit vendor -- R Top: sweet cookies snacks -- R bottom: orange juice vendor

A Glimpse of Street Food Life in Cartagena, Colombia
L: fruit vendor — R Top: sweet cookies snacks — R bottom: orange juice vendor

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Fed Up and Sweet Potato Chili

This food documentary was narrated by Katie Couric.

Her soothing voice guided us along a scary journey following 3 teenagers who were morbidly obese.

The solution to weight loss in America had been exercising, yet there was rarely any mention in governmental policy to change what we eat.

Film maker brought up the known fact that the food companies and industry were to blame with their continuous and inexhaustible advertising campaign on unhealthy food such as sugared cereal, sodas and convenient process food.

The food companies were compared to the tobacco companies in the way they used to advertise, and their refusal to admit potential health problems caused by cigarettes and tobacco. Sugary foods were all around us at check out counters in stores, and added in many processed food. Continue reading →


Celebrated my girlfriend’s birthday at mkt. before detox, one of many Ethan Howell’s restaurants in the Seattle area including Staple and Fancy and the new Red Cow that is next on my list to visit.

The restaurant is located quietly in the neighborhood near Green Lake with Hiroki and Eva restaurant, with a casual lay back neighborhood hang-out-spot-feel. WP_20140914_18_48_50_Pro

It was a very intimate space with 20+ seats, alongside the kitchen and by the door. Saw crispy fried quail in the menu – got to have it.

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Detox and Healthy Food Products

It’s the time of the year for my annual detox!

One week down and 2 more weeks to go.

This week is vegan week, and it is always the hardest, especially because the diet does not allow tomatoes and soy.

I have continued to experiment with coconut flour (made a gluten-free vegan coconut pear bar), but I was still not proud of the experiment.

Currently, I am counting down the days to enjoy a nice cup of soy mocha from The French Bakery; and have a box of local hand-made pasta frozen awaiting for its tomato sauce partner to arrive on my first day off detox.

In 2 weeks, I will be able to eat proper dim sum with my friends at our weekly Jade Garden gathering.

Cravings are most certainly there, yet, detox does get easier every year.

Partially due to the fact that I had the experience to change my diet and replace meats with other proteins.

Partially is the increase in collective awareness on food allergens and special diets.

There are many products that are gluten-free and/or vegan on the market to purchase.

One of the example was the grain-based probiotic drink called Graindrops.


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The London Plane

130578647661016053As we walked into London Plane, we were welcomed by the flowers for sale.

The restaurant occupied one of the historic buildings at Pioneer Square with its high ceiling and large windows — it was an inviting space.

The large space had a dining area, a bar, an area called the Little London Plane that sells merchandise ranging from noodles, spices to soaps and candles, flower stand, kitchen – also where one could purchase food items by the pound and bakery.

I was already on my first week of detox, and trying to be as honest as possible with my food selection. Continue reading →

La Bodega and Tender at the Bone

We almost missed La Bodega as it was tucked away in a nook of a building.

Once I saw the store, it made me smile.

The color and lights filled the space with a tropical atmosphere among gray Pacific Northwest office buildings.


The space was small, and was packed with seats for about 20 people.

The menu included sandwiches, empanadas, and all the sandwiches could be made into rice dishes as gluten free options.

I had the signature Puerco asado, and had to try the yucca flour empanadas which La Bodega had highly touted its wheat free property.

The empanadas was amazingly crispy with yucca flour.

The skin was very thin and a little grainy.

There were 3 different fillings for the empanadas for the day, and I had the beef picadillo.

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Love Broder!


Small, intimate space serving up hearty Scandinavian food.

I wish we have a place like this in Seattle!

We were very hungry when we arrived.

Upon checking out the size of the dishes around us, we decided to order 3 dishes for the 2 of us to share.

I had the very dark chocolate as my drink.


I loved that it was not sweet at all; unfortunately it was not chocolatey enough for dark chocolate lover, it was very cocoa-ey without the mouthfeel and the creaminess of melted chocolate. Continue reading →