What an experience dining at Roe!

It was an amazing 2.5 hour slow-food adventure that I wished would never end!

I did not even know of Roe’s existence until I stumbled on its great reviews on OpenTable’s Portland restaurants and reserved a table.

Roe was very secretive.

From the street, one would not be able to locate the restaurant at all.

It was tucked at the back of Block and Tackle.


We checked in at Block and Tackle; and the hostess had us waited at the kitchen seating of Block and Tackle since we arrived earlier than our reservation.

I was nosing around and found the secret entrance behind the curtain to Roe.


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The London Plane

130578647661016053As we walked into London Plane, we were welcomed by the flowers for sale.

The restaurant occupied one of the historic buildings at Pioneer Square with its high ceiling and large windows — it was an inviting space.

The large space had a dining area, a bar, an area called the Little London Plane that sells merchandise ranging from noodles, spices to soaps and candles, flower stand, kitchen – also where one could purchase food items by the pound and bakery.

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La Bodega and Tender at the Bone

We almost missed La Bodega as it was tucked away in a nook of a building.

Once I saw the store, it made me smile.

The color and lights filled the space with a tropical atmosphere among gray Pacific Northwest office buildings.


The space was small, and was packed with seats for about 20 people.

The menu included sandwiches, empanadas, and all the sandwiches could be made into rice dishes as gluten free options.

I had the signature Puerco asado, and had to try the yucca flour empanadas which La Bodega had highly touted its wheat free property.

The empanadas was amazingly crispy with yucca flour.

The skin was very thin and a little grainy.

There were 3 different fillings for the empanadas for the day, and I had the beef picadillo.

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Love Broder!


Small, intimate space serving up hearty Scandinavian food.

I wish we have a place like this in Seattle!

We were very hungry when we arrived.

Upon checking out the size of the dishes around us, we decided to order 3 dishes for the 2 of us to share.

I had the very dark chocolate as my drink.


I loved that it was not sweet at all; unfortunately it was not chocolatey enough for dark chocolate lover, it was very cocoa-ey without the mouthfeel and the creaminess of melted chocolate. Continue reading →


Little Uncle and Comfort me with Apples


Heard so much rave about Little Uncle, I finally made it there in a gorgeous sunny afternoon!

We almost missed the store as the restaurant was actually at the basement, and only the name of the restaurant on a window was visible from street level.

Once we arrived at the bottom of the steps, it opened into this big cavernous space.

I loved the natural wood décor with rice bags lining the walls under the bar.

There were quite a few unique items on the menu.

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Isla Manila

I had to experience “Flip-sum” for myself — so a trip to Northgate was a must.

Inside a small strip mall was Isla Manila Bar and Grill.

WP_20140730_12_35_33_ProFor $20, it was all-you-can-eat Filipino food served in small steamer size dim sum serving and a great variety of food.

Soup was included and served on the side, along with fried dishes such as lupia and fried chicken.

Dessert was also part of the all-you-can-eat.

The sunny afternoon we were there, we had 11 dishes to choose from; and of course, we got one of each to try everything!

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